For Summer Term 2022, we are offering in-person, hybrid, remote and online courses.  
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Traditional face-to-face classes held on campus on set days and times. 


Student Withdrawals: A student desiring to withdraw from a course after the add/drop period must initiate withdrawal procedures by completing the withdrawal form and submitting it prior to the published deadline. Withdrawals are not official until the completed withdrawal form is received, approved and, processed by Student Services or eServices. The student is solely responsible to ensure the accuracy of the course(s) and section number(s) from which he/she wishes to withdraw. Students cannot withdraw by phone or via the MySeminoleState portal.

The final withdrawal date shall be interpreted to mean the point by which midterm assessments are completed. This will be the day that is closest to, but not to exceed, 61 percent of the total class days for that class. Withdrawal deadlines for the term are published in the official College Catalog (General Information, Academic Calendars).

Students should be aware that a reduction in course load may jeopardize their athletic eligibility, financial aid, veterans benefits, standards of progress, and student visa status.

State Board Rule specifies that students are permitted a maximum of three attempts per course. Upon the third attempt, students must pay full cost of tuition. Students are not permitted to withdraw from the course and will receive a grade for that course.

Before the third attempt, students may withdraw without penalty from any course before the midpoint in the semester. Student withdrawals after this date are not permitted.

Administrative Withdrawal from Courses (Career Certificate (Vocational) and Adult Education Careers Only): Faculty have the right to withdraw a student from a Career Certificate or Adult Education class for "no attendance" as determined by the established College procedures.

A student who is absent from class 10 percent of the scheduled class time is subject to be withdrawn without warning by the instructor. Attendance for an online course is at the discretion of the instructor. The last day an instructor may withdraw a student will be the day closest to, but not to exceed, 61 percent of the total class days for that class. After the 61 percent date, the faculty may assign a grade of "F" for lack of attendance.

Withdrawal from the College: Students who withdraw or are withdrawn from all courses must follow the same procedures as students who are withdrawing from one course. Failure to follow procedures may cause a student to fail courses unnecessarily. Students who withdraw after the published add/drop period are not eligible for a refund.

Medical Withdrawal from Classes:  Procedure 4.0705 ( recognizes that emergency or extraordinary medical circumstances occur that are out of the student’s control, resulting in students not being able to demonstrate mastery of the student learning outcomes and/or meet attendance requirements identified in the course(s) for which they are enrolled. When this is the case, the student can request a medical withdrawal from one or more classes when experiencing a serious illness or serious injury necessitating a medically necessary absence from the remainder of the semester, accruing no credit.

The “Medical Withdrawal Request Package” can be downloaded/printed using the following link:  Medical Withdrawal Request Package