Baccalaureate Academic Scholarship

At Seminole State College, we are invested in the impact that education has on our students. We hope that the time that you spend here, enriches your academic journey in many ways. This scholarship is designed to help students continue in their degree programs and recognize the academic experiences of students at Seminole State College. 

Students who are selected for this scholarship will receive an award in Fall and Spring for the amounts indicated below. Completion of this application allows you to be considered for scholarships offered by the Baccalaureate Admissions Office at Seminole State College but should not be considered a guarantee of an award. Limited scholarships will be awarded each year. 

Scholarship Application Availability

  • The next scholarship window will open on June 15, 2024. 


Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements by the application deadline,
to be considered for an award:

  • Must be accepted into one of Seminole State's bachelor's degree programs.
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher by the application deadline.
  • Submit a completed Scholarship Application
  • Be enrolled in at least two (2) classes in the Fall. Students are expected to be continuously enrolled in both terms to remain eligible for the award. Enrollment for the Spring semester will be verified before additional funds are awarded.
  • Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2023-24 academic year.
    Financial need is not part of the scholarship selection process; however, you must have filed a FAFSA and satisfied all FAFSA packaging criteria to be considered. To receive the scholarship, the Financial Aid Office must verify that all eligibility criteria have been met. 

Scholarship Awards 

Award criteria are based on enrollment for one academic year (awarded each Fall and Spring). Changes in a student’s registration may affect the number of funds the student receives.

Total Hours
Award Amount (each semester)

12+ hours  (Full-time)

up to $650

9-11  hours

up to $500

6-8  hours

up to$400


Bachelor's Degree Office
text 407.708.2106 (no phone calls)
or email Bachelor's Degree Office