Bachelor's Degree Frequently Asked Questions

Most Asked Bachelor's Degrees Questions

What is required for admission into one of Seminole State's bachelor's programs?
If I have an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree, am I required to complete the General Education requirements for my bachelor's degree?
Do I have to complete all the prerequisite courses to enter a bachelor's degree program?
If it's my first time in college, can I apply to the bachelor's program, or am I required to earn an associate degree first?
I took two years of foreign language in high school. Am I required to take more language courses for the bachelor's program?
How will I know if I have been accepted into a bachelor's program?
If I have a degree that's not from a regionally accredited institution, will I be able to enter the bachelor's program?
If I am accepted to the bachelor's program but do not attend classes, will I have to re-apply?
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