Print Shop

The Print Shop at Seminole State College of Florida provides convenient and cost effective printing and copying services to employees, students and outside organizations. Print Shop personnel are dedicated to providing quality work, friendly service and to completing requests in a timely manner, while supporting the educational objectives of the College.

The Print Shop offers:

  • Print Shop Copying Services: Produce black and white and full color copies from originals received electronically or in hard copy.
  • Print Shop Printing Services: Produce single-color and multi-color documents, brochures, carbonless forms, College stationary, flyers, certificates, newsletters, applications, registration materials, note cards, envelopes, business cards, diplomas, etc.

Copyright Policies

Unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted material is illegal. Print Shop personnel have been instructed to refuse such material unless it meets the specifications of the current copyright regulations or it is accompanied by written permission from the publisher.


Kevin Brewer
Print Shop Supervisor