Sustainability Plan: Thanks & Acknowledgements

The Sustainability Plan for Seminole State College of Florida was developed by the institution’s Sustainability Committee. Members of the Sustainability Committee at the time of publication included:

Douglas Bentley
Director, Facilities
Jeffrey Gibbs
Campus Dean
Grace Nasnas
Professor, Mathematics
Dr. Christopher Beehner
Professor, Business Administration
Ira Locks
Professor, Architecture & Construction Management
Jennifer Sexton    
Professor, Adult High School
Milissa Acevedo
Luz Calderon
James Henry
Senior Laboratory Manager, Biological Science
Iliana Saldana    
Student Success Specialist II
Payal Brahmbhatt
Senior Analyst for Decision Support Systems, Institutional Effectiveness & Research
Erik Schoneck
Senior Systems Administrator, Technology Applications
Barbara Coleman-Foster
Associate Vice President, Equity & Diversity and Title IX Coordinator
James Miller
Manager, Facilities Energy & Sustainability
Emily Hollingshead
Coordinator for Student Communications, Marketing & Communications

The College would also like to thank the following contributors and former Committee members for their work on this project:

Janet Balanoff
Associate Vice President, Equity & Diversity and Title IX Coordinator
Jessica Boevers    
Laboratory Manager, Biological Science
Cayla Brown
Kevin Carr
Manager, Environmental Health & Safety
Turi Christensen
Supervisor, Academic Success Center Outreach
Suzanne Dausman
Senior Executive Assistant, Administrative Services
Derek Demeter    
Director, Planetarium
Hector Dietsch    
Director, Facilities
Lynn Garrett
Campus Dean, Altamonte Springs and Heathrow
Daliany Gerena    
Mya Nicholas
Jeannie Ossa
Cynthia Pike
Professor, Nutrition
Dr. Debra Socci    
Professor, Biological Science