EMERGE - Establishing a Means for Effective Renewable/Green Energy

The EMERGE Program at Seminole State College of Florida has provided students with hands-on projects in green and emerging technologies, research opportunities and more.

With support from the National Science Foundation (NSF-ATE Grant #1501486), the College has infused sustainability and renewable energy concepts into a breadth of coursework and created a college credit certificate program to enhance students’ core studies, to engage them with new topics and to help differentiate them to future employers.

Key features of the EMERGE Program:

  • A multidisciplinary certificate suitable for technicians and non-technicians alike
  • Sustainability concepts integrated into a greater variety of courses
  • Project-based learning with a Field Focus
  • Curricula designed to prepare workers for industry certifications

More broadly, the EMERGE Program has aimed to create a better-informed global citizenry, regardless of future career— one prepared to meet the future’s energy demands with sustainable solutions and to accommodate the facts of our planet’s resource capacity, not simply to deny them.