Strategic Planning Forums

Schedule of Events

Employees will have two opportunities this spring to provide feedback on the Strategic Plan. 

Strategic “Prep Rally” Open Forums 

(in February)

Purpose: Share priorities from SOAR review and “WOW” ideas from Strategic Summit; gather employee ratings and feedback on strategic priorities and “WOW” ideas.

Format: Facilitate 12 one-hour sessions with employee groups with interactive “clickers” to gather ratings and flip-charts to record suggestions and comments.


Strategic “Game Time” Open Forums 

(in May - ONLINE)

Purpose: Share initial drafts of Strategic Plan and gather feedback from employees on draft elements (Vision, Mission, Strategic Goals, Strategic Priorities, Strategic Measures, and Core Values). 

Format: Facilitate one-hour sessions with employees via Zoom with an interactive presentation to gather ratings and to record suggestions and comments.


Stakeholder Forums 

The following stakeholder groups will be sending out invitations to attend a forum. You can attend a stakeholder forum or an open forum. 

  • Academic Affairs Deans 
  • Student Government Association 
  • Alumni