Skill Up

Seminole State has partnered with the SkillUp Coalition on a program to help the more than  40 million workers impacted by COVID-19 get rehired for in-demand jobs in high-growth industries. This initiative brings the best of SkillUp’s national resources together within a local partnership that supports local worker, market and employer needs. Resources include career pathway exploration, training and education programs, career coaching, job search tools, financial support opportunities and more!

Seminole State SkillUp Offerings

Business Management & Administration

For information about programs and courses in Accounting, contact Maritza Mendez at 407.708.2348 or

For information about programs and courses in Business and Finance, contact Linda Jenkins at 407.708.2165 or

Information Technology

For information about programs and courses in Information Technology,  contact Arlene Gonzalez at 407.708.2265 or 

For information about the Mechatronics certificate, contact Sam Luccisano at 407.708.5082 or

Health Science

For information about programs and courses in Health Science, contact Andrea Ulmer at 407.404.6051 or

For information about the Healthcare Services Specialist certificate, contact Sofia Gonzalez at 407.708.2185 or


For information about programs and courses in Engineering, contact Sam Luccisano at 407.708.5082 or


For information about programs and courses in Construction, contact Kaoru Byrant at 407.708.4453 or

Fast Track Programs

For information about Fast Track programs and courses, contact:

SkillUp and Get There

Florida Department of Education Get There logo is a partner in the Florida Department of Education’s Get There initiative. Get There promotes Career and Technical Education (CTE) as a modern approach to higher education and training for students in every walk of life. CTE offers is a way for students to gain skills and earn credentials in some of Florida’s most critical and desirable industries, setting students on the right path in less time with less cost than traditional higher education. That means they can get into a career today without the worry of debt tomorrow.