On Campus Recruitment by Employers and Other Academic Institutions (Procedure 3.0701)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statutes:F.S. 1001.64; 1004.65; College Policy 3.0700
Effective Date:06/2014
Date of Review:---


This procedure describes (1) the process to be followed to gain permission to recruit students on Seminole State College campuses, and (2) the rules associated with student recruitment.


  1. On-Campus Recruiting
    1. Employers and academic institutions seeking to conduct on-campus student recruiting must share and support Seminole State College’s commitment to provide equal access and equal opportunity for all services made available by the College and to conduct all activities and practices without discrimination per College Policy 1.060.
    2. Employers and other academic institutions seeking to conduct on-campus student recruiting must submit a request through the Office of Student Life per College Procedure 1.1000. The Office of Student Life will coordinate with the Career Development Center, or other campus sponsor, for permission and to schedule an appropriate date, time, and location for recruitment activities, which may include but are not limited to setting up a table in a common area; participating in Career and Job Fairs; conducting prescheduled interviews.
    3. When recruiting from a table provided for that purpose in a common area, recruiters must restrict all recruiting activities to the immediate vicinity of the table, refrain from distributing flyers, or refrain from approaching students in other nearby areas.
    4. No posters, flyers, or other advertising of employment or educational opportunities is permitted on campus without prior approval from the Office of Student Life.
    5. Recruitment activities cannot be combined with the marketing and/or sale of products or services to students.
  2. Recruiting by an Academic Institution
    1. The College allows only Regionally Accredited Institutions on campus to recruit students for transfer to their institution.
  3. Recruiting by an Employer
    1. Employers who recruit students on Seminole State College campus(es) may not charge students any ‘up-front’ costs associated with employment, or consideration for employment or a co-op/internship. Up-front costs include but are not limited to membership fees; startup fees; fees for lessons (training); portfolios or placement fees; and the purchase of tools, samples, or sales kits.
    2. The College retains the right to request that recruiters vacate the College’s property if they fail to comply with any of the above procedures.
  4. Electronic Job/Internship Posting Board
    1. The Career Development Center will maintain an Electronic Job/Internship Posting Board of job and co-op/internship opportunities submitted by employers desiring to hire students.  
    2. The College retains the right to remove any job listing from the Electronic Job/Internship Posting Board without consulting with or informing the employer.
Recommended byExecutive TeamDate06/17/2014
ApprovedPresident, E. Ann McGeeDate07/01/2014