Reclassification of Jobs and Positions (Procedure 2.1600)


Based on board policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
FAC 14.0247(6); 14.0261(7); SCC Board Rule 2.025, 2.070 July, 2004

To specify the process through which positions are reclassified to a different Pay Grade.

Procedure: Definitions:
  1. Job - A job is a group of positions that are alike with respect to their major or significant tasks and similar enough to be classified in the same pay grade. One or more employees may be employed in the same job. For example, the job of "Staff Assistant" is a group of several "Staff Assistant" positions.

    1. Job Classification - Placement of jobs in a particular category based on compensable factors.
    2. Job Reclassification - Reassignment of a job to a different classification based on change(s) in compensable factors.
    3. Job Analysis - Systematic process used to gather, document, and analyze information necessary to describe jobs and determine their classification.
  2. Position - A position is a group of tasks that collectively make up the work assignment of a single employee. Only one employee may be employed in a position.

    1. Position Classification - Placement of a position in a particular category based on compensable factors.
    2. Position Reclassification - Reassignment of a position to a different classification based on change(s) in compensable factors.
    3. Position Review - A process used to gather, document, and analyze information necessary to describe a position and determine its classification.
    4. Position Number - A number assigned to a specific position. Note: Each employee is assigned a primary position number; however, an employee may be assigned more than one position number.
  3. Compensable Factors - Jobs or position attributes (such as knowledge, skills ability, effort, responsibility, working conditions) that are used to determine the value of a job or position.
  4. Description of Record - A description of the purpose, tasks, duties, responsibilities, knowledge, skills, abilities, etc. that are necessary to perform a job or position at a minimal level, which has been approved by the direct supervisor and the next level supervisor to whom it is assigned.
  5. Pay Grade - A numbered category on the salary schedule associated with a specific salary range.
  6. Salary Range - The minimum and maximum limits of salaries that will be paid for jobs within a specific classification.
Procedure for Job Reclassification
  1. The Director of Human Resources and designated Human Resources staff periodically will review current SCC job classifications and relationships between jobs to ensure that job classifications and salary ranges are equitable and competitive. Market conditions, benchmark data, salary surveys, job analysis, position reviews, etc. will be considered during this process. Upon conclusion of the review, the Director of Human Resources will make appropriate recommendations to the President regarding the need for a job reclassification and a plan for implementation. The implementation plan will include a recommendation for placing incumbents in the new classification and an estimate of expense.
Procedure for Position Reclassification
  1. An employee may request a Position Review by submitting a written request (memo) to his or her supervisor. The supervisor must note his/her approval to proceed with the review and forward the request for secondary approval. Secondary approval must be given by an administrator at or above the Director/Dean level.
  2. Following approval of the request, the employee's supervisor will initiate a Position Review by meeting with the employee and a Human Resources staff member to record the proposed revisions to the Position Description.
  3. A supervisor may request a Position Review for an employee by following the steps 1 and 2 indicated above.
  4. The Human Resources staff will collect information used to analyze, revise, and evaluate the Position Description using an appropriate method (or combination of methods) which may include interviews with the incumbent and the incumbent's supervisor; questionnaires; observation; a review licensure or certification requirements; internal equity; a review of compensable factors; a review of internal information such as organization charts, job titles and descriptions, pay rates, instructional books or manuals; documented working conditions; a review of external data such as market pay rates, survey data, other classification systems; etc.
  5. Position Review documents will be analyzed by Human Resources staff. The Director of Human Resources will prepare a recommendation to approve or to not approve a reclassification. The recommendation will be forwarded to the appropriate Director/Dean for approval, and then to the appropriate Vice President for approval. The recommendation will then be forwarded to the President for final approval. If it is determined that the reclassification will not be forwarded to the President for approval, the Director of Human Resources will contact the employee and supervisor to explain.
  6. If approved, the President will recommend the reclassification to the Board at its next monthly meeting. The reclassification recommendation will be included in the personnel recommendation package. Board decisions are final.
  7. If the President does not approve a request, the Director of Human Resources will notify the appropriate Vice President and Director/Dean. The Director of Human Resources will meet with the employee and supervisor and will explain the reasons why the reclassification was not approved.
  8. If not approved, a Position Reclassification for the same position will not be considered until twelve months following disapproval.
  9. When a department is considering significant restructuring that affects the duties and responsibilities of several employees within the department, the supervisor will work with a Human Resources staff member to revise position descriptions and review position classification levels. Under these circumstances, the Director of Human Resources may determine that it is in the best interests of the department and the College to review a position that previously was not approved for reclassification even though the 12-month period described above has not ended.
Recommended by Executive Staff Date 6/14/04
Approved: President, E.Ann McGee Date 7/7/04

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