Reclassification of Jobs and Positions (Procedure 2.1600)

This Procedure is Under Review

Authority:FS 1001.64
Date Adopted:07/04
Date of Review:05/17
Date of Revision:08/17
Related Policy:2.050; 2.130


To specify the process through which non-bargaining, non-instructional positions are classified and reviewed for reclassification within the salary grade in the College Salary Schedule.


Position - A position represents a group of essential functions that collectively make up the work assignment of a single employee. Only one employee may be employed in a position.

Position Number - A number assigned to a specific position. Note: Each employee is assigned a primary position number; however, an employee may be assigned more than one position number.

Position Description - A record of the purpose, essential functions (primary duties and responsibilities that form the basis of the classification decision), non-essential functions, required and desired qualifications, knowledge, skills, abilities, working conditions and other requirements that are necessary for an incumbent to perform a job or position at a minimal level. Job descriptions are approved by the direct supervisor and the next level supervisor as assigned and the Office of Human Resources.

Salary Schedule – List of salary grades and ranges, job titles, and related compensation information.

Salary Grade – A numbered category on the salary schedule associated with a specific salary range.

Salary Range – The minimum pay and maximum pay for jobs within a specific grade.

Position Classification - Placement of a comparable positions within a salary grade based on compensable factors, market data, and internal equity.

Position Reclassification - Reassignment of a job to a different salary grade based on significant change(s) in compensable factors. Common examples include:

  1. Changes in the nature, variety and complexity of work
  2. Changes in supervision received or exercised
  3. Changes in required qualifications

Work volume and job performance do not justify reclassification. Incumbents in reclassified positions typically retain the majority (50% or more) of their prior job duties and also assume additional duties. Reclassification review may result in a higher, lower, lateral or no classification change.

Compensable Factors - Jobs or position attributes (e.g. knowledge, skills, ability, discretion, scope of authority, decision making responsibility, independent judgment, working conditions) that are used to determine the market value of a job or position.

Job Analysis - Systematic process used to gather, document, and analyze information necessary to describe jobs and determine their classification.


  1. Position Classification and Reclassification
    1. The Office of Human Resources will periodically review current position classifications and relationships between jobs to ensure that position classifications and salary ranges are equitable and competitive. Generally accepted compensation analysis methodologies and techniques (e.g., market conditions, benchmark data, salary surveys, job analysis, position reviews, etc.) will be considered during this process. Upon conclusion of the review, the Office of Human Resources will make appropriate recommendations to the executive leadership team and the President regarding the need for a job reclassification and a plan for implementation. The implementation plan will include a recommendation for placing incumbents in the new classification and an estimate of associated costs.
    2. When a new position is created, the Office of Human Resources will work with the hiring manager and department/division leadership to create a new job description in the approved format so that the position can be properly classified for equity and competitiveness. These new positions will then be reviewed by the executive leadership team for recommendation to the President for approval.
  2. Requesting Current Position Reclassification
    1. Position reclassification requests are accepted twice per fiscal year –during the months of March for an effective date of July 1st and during the month of September for an effective date of January 1st. The review period by the Office of Human Resources normally is 30-45 days. All approved reclassification recommendations require the President’s approval prior to submission to the Board of Trustees for approval during their next regularly scheduled meeting. Board decisions are final.
    2. A supervisor may request a position reclassification review of an employee by submitting a written request to his or her next level supervisor for approval. Once the request is approved, the supervisor must forward the approved request with the following information to the Office of Human Resources for review:
      1. An electronic copy of the current job description displaying all edits, additions and deletions, using Microsoft Word, and in “Track Changes” mode.
      2. A completed Request for Position Classification Review form along with a detailed explanation of the reason for the request (e.g., why the changes are occurring, new duties or duties reassigned from another position).
      3. Two copies of the department’s organizational chart – one reflecting current state and the other reflecting the proposed state.
      4. Desired salary grade or other changes (e.g., exemption according to the Fair Labor Standards Act [FLSA]).
    3. A reclassification request should not be based on an employee’s rate of pay, length of service, special training or experience not required for the job, volume, quality, or quantity of work. Incumbents in reclassified positions typically retain the majority (50% or more) of their prior job duties and also assume additional duties. Classification or reclassification review may result in a higher, lower, lateral or no classification change.
    4. The Office of Human Resources will gather information to analyze, revise, and evaluate the position description using generally accepted compensation analysis methodologies and techniques. Methodologies and techniques may include but are not limited to:
      1. interviews with the incumbent and the incumbent's supervisor;
      2. questionnaires;
      3. observation;
      4. review of licensure or certification requirements;
      5. internal equity;
      6. review of compensable factors;
      7. review of internal information such as organization charts, job titles and descriptions, pay rates, instructional books or manuals;
      8. documented working conditions;
      9. review of external data such as market pay rates, survey data, and other classification systems.
    5. The Office of Human Resources will consider and analyze related position review documents and offer a recommendation to approve or to not approve a reclassification request. If the recommendation is to approve the request, the recommendation will be communicated to the appropriate division Vice President and incumbent’s supervisor for their approval. It will then be forwarded to the Executive Team and President for final approval. If it is determined that the reclassification is not approved, the Office of Human Resources will notify the appropriate division Vice President and incumbent’s supervisor.
    6. If approved, the President will recommend the position reclassification to the Board of Trustees at their next regularly scheduled meeting. The reclassification recommendation will be included in the Human Resources Recommendation package. Board decisions are final.
    7. When a position is reclassified, compensation adjustments for current incumbents will be based upon the incumbent’s current salary relative to the new salary range and an internal equity review of other employees’ salaries in that grade. Compensation adjustments, if any, become effective 1st of the month following approval from the District Board of Trustees. 
    8. If a position is reclassified to a lower salary grade, current incumbent salaries will be reviewed to determine if any adjustment to a lower salary is appropriate and warranted. Compensation adjustments, if any, become effective 1st of the month following approval from the District Board of Trustees.
    9. A position reclassification request for the same position, whether approved or not approved, will not be considered until twelve (12) months following the reclassification review. 
    10. Current open positions with no incumbent may be reviewed for reclassification outside of the twice per year schedule on an as needed basis requested by the division Vice-President in consultation with the Office of Human Resources.  The same review process will be conducted to determine if a reclassification is necessary.  Such a review process will generally take no longer than 30 days.
  3. Department Restructuring
    1.  When a department is considering significant restructuring that affects the duties and responsibilities of several positions and a number of employees within the department, the department/division head will work with a representative of the Office of Human Resources to revise position descriptions. Revised position descriptions will then be reviewed as outlined in under the “Current Position Reclassification” section above. For more information on department restructuring, please refer to College Procedure 2.0450 Reorganization, for complete process requirements.

      Under these circumstances, the Office of Human Resources may determine that it is in the best interests of the department and the College to review all affected positions, even if they were reviewed for reclassification within the prior 12 months.
Recommended byExecutive Team/CACDate8/23/2017
Signed byDr. E. Ann McGeeDate8/24/2017