Academic Grade Forgiveness (Procedure 4.0306)

Authority:F.S. 1001.64; 6A-14.0301, .060 FAC
Date Adopted:11/16
Date of Review:------
Date of Revision------
Related Policy:4.090


To allow a student to repeat a course in which the student has earned a "D” or “F” in an attempt to improve the grade earned and satisfy a course in the students program, per Florida State Rule 6A-14.0301.


Repeated Course - a repeated course typically has the same subject prefix and course number as the initial attempt when posted on the Seminole State transcript. However, courses deemed equivalent per College Procedure 3.0200 Evaluation of Credit count as attempts even if the current course number is not the same as previous attempts.

Course attempt – student enrollment in a course(s) after the 100 percent refund deadline (add/drop period) date. Audit enrollments shall not count as attempts unless such enrollment is declared after the end of the drop/add period.

Withdrawal – when a student stops participating in a course after the 100 percent refund deadline (add/drop period) date, but before the College published withdrawal deadline for that term. Withdrawal from courses can have negative financial aid implications. (Procedure 4.0700 – Student Withdrawal from Courses)


  1. A student may repeat a credit course in which they earned a grade of “D” or “F.”
  2. A student is limited to two repeat attempts per credit course for a total of three (3) attempts.
  3. Upon the third attempt per course, the student will receive a grade for that course.
  4. Withdrawals of any kind, including instructor initiated Withdrawals, are not permitted for a student’s third attempt in a course.
  5. The last grade earned for a repeated course will be computed into the student's Seminole State College GPA.
  6. All courses attempted at Seminole State will appear on the student's transcript. Repeated courses will be indicated by a "Take" for initial attempt and "Retake" for the final attempt. Courses that may be repeated more than once for credit will be indicated with an "Allow."
  7. Students may not use credit-by-examination to repeat a course and gain grade forgiveness.
  8. Students receiving financial aid need to consider the impact of retaking a course on their specific financial aid package. Prior to enrolling in any course for grade forgiveness, students are advised to consult with the Student Financial Resources Office and to thoroughly review Procedure 4.2000 -Standards of Academic Progress for Financial Aid Recipients
  9.  It is the responsibility of the student, if planning to transfer, to check with the receiving institution to determine if that institution will honor Seminole State's forgiveness policy and how the institution will calculate the student’s multiple course attempts into the GPA.
  10. Once a degree is awarded, a student may not repeat a course to improve the GPA.
  11. Exceptions to the provisions in this Procedure and academic concerns including, but not limited to, grade appeals may be resolved in accordance with Procedure 4.0300 -Grade Appeals
Recommended byExecutive TeamDate11/15/2016
Signed byPresident, E. Ann McGeeDate12/6/2016