Veteran's Fee Deferments (Procedure 5.2000)

Authority:FAC 6A-14.0541 
Date Adopted:06/97
Date of Review:11/2022
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To outline the process for dealing with tuition and fee deferments for students using Department of Defense (DOD) and Veterans Affairs educational benefits. 


1. Veterans' deferments will postpone tuition due date 60 days into the term for eligible military students veterans.

2. After registering, the student must complete the online Certification Request Form (CRF). 

3.  Once the School Certifying Official (SCO) in the Office of Veteran Student Services receives the CRF, the student’s hours are certified with the VA within 24-48 hours during business hours or sooner on payment deadline days.  

4. After the student’s certification is submitted to the VA, they should receive an email notification from VA Once portal.

5. When the student receives the email from VA Once portal, or within 48 business hours after they submit the CRF they can defer their tuition and fees by accessing their Student Center “Financial Account.”   

6. The student will not have to defer if they have already deferred financial aid that covers tuition.

Recommended byExecutive Team/CACDate11/15/2022
Signed byPresident, Georgia L. LorenzDate11/28/2022