Veteran's Fee Deferments (Procedure 5.2000)


FAC 6A-14.0541 

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To outline the process for dealing with fee deferments for veterans certified as eligible by the Financial Aid Office.


  1. Veterans' deferments are temporary deferments of tuition for eligible military veterans. 
  2. After registering, the student must go to the Financial Aid Office to see the VA representative who assists the student in completing the necessary VA paperwork as well as a VA Deferment Promissory Note. 
  3. The VA representative is responsible for approving the VA deferment and entering the award in the Consortium Student Records System (CSRS) which automatically creates a restriction for the student. If any fees are still due, the student must then proceed to the Business Office to complete the registration process and to receive his/her fee statement. 
  4. The original VA deferment Promissory Notes are sent by the VA representative to the Office of Finance and Budget who maintains the files. 
  5. All collection activity is handled by the Office of Finance and Budget according to standard collection procedures.
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President, E. Ann McGee