Seminole State’s Disability Support Services embraces BrainTap technology

Women’s golf team improves their game utilizing the hi-tech platform

Thursday, March 3, 2022
Written by: Carla Peterson

Seminole State’sDisability Support Services (DSS) has proven once again prove they are more than disability support, they are wellness support, through a unique collaboration with BrainTap Technologies.

BrainTap is a research agency that has established a new method to train brains to manage stress, help with memory, reinforce focus and many more neurological aspects. The technology works by guiding the user through a broad range of brainwave patterns through specialized guided meditations and light therapy entrainment. Brain entrainment will assist with many neurological functions along with better sleep and mental acuity.

BrainTap  provided DSS with  all the equipment needed for the brain entrainment sessions for students and employees DSS  first offered entrainment sessions to Seminole State’s Women’s Golf Team.

“The results showed a statistically significant change in brainwave activity, translating in reduction of stress related brainwaves and increase of relaxation and concentration related brainwaves,” explained Director of Disability Support Services Geraldine Perez. Further measurement was also noted as the team went about their rigorous training, games and day-to-day activities with a greater emphasis on the ability to overcome stressors and relax.

Coach Christa Teno of the Women’s Golf Team shared that the brain training tools helped her student athletes manage their stress better and be more relaxed during key situations.

“Our brain tap sessions are the golf team’s favorite time of the week - every Tuesday and Thursday mornings. They know how important brain training is and love that it is a major component of our improvement strategy and who we are as a team," said Teno. "Since we have been working with DSS, and their special tools, our Team GPA has gone from around 2.9 to over 3.5. The team feels like they have real coping strategies for stress while competing and for life’s ups and downs. They have a real head start on this adulting thing.”

Seminole State Women’s Golf team
The 2021 Seminole State Women's Golf Team (from left) Grace Connelly, Alexandra Stevenson, Minori Nagano, Minami Kudo, Alex Giles, Rinada Inpan, Mary Ma, Assistant Coach and Raider Women's Golf alum Cynthia Bounleutay, and Grace Aromando.

Through the brain entrainment sessions, hard work and practice, the golf team has won National Championships in 2021, 2019 and 2015.

The successful research has now motivated DSS  to expand the use of BrainTap to our veteran students. “The BrainTap sessions will be offered remote via the BrainTap app so we can reach as many students as possible,” said Perez. “We are going to replicate the success we had with our student athletes and bring it to our student veterans.”

DSS will continue working  with Brain Tap’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Francisco Cidral, to utilize the research and non-invasive mental and emotional health method to support student wellness.

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