Tips for setting up your home office

Monday, May 11, 2020
Written by: Emily Hollingshead

Working from home can be a nightmare as much as it can be a dream for some people. For most, it is a mix of both. While favorite cafes, libraries and work spots have closed, we have all faced adjustments while working and studying from home. For many, an expansive home office in a spare room simply isn’t an option, but there are steps you can take to make the most out of the space you have!


Watching ZOOM lectures in bed or on the couch may seem like a great idea, until you wake up two hours later from an accidental nap having missed the lesson entirely! Setting boundaries between your home and your work, even while you are working from home, is an important step to take. That way, once your work is done, you can still step away into your sanctuary and keep the two from blending. 

For those who are juggling school and a family, carving out space just for you may seem like an impossible task. Try setting up a visual cue, such as a ‘Do not disturb’ sign, to let family members know when you are in a lecture, meeting or important call. 


“When selecting a room for your home office, natural lighting is a huge plus,” says Seminole State Interior Design Professor Kristina Bruno. “It improves productivity, improves your mood and reduces eye strain.” The eye strain that comes from working in low light may impact your vision or result in headaches, impairing your overall productivity and well-being.

Artificial light is also an important aspect to consider. If possible, Bruno suggests finding a desk lamp that is compatible with an LED light bulb, which provides strong lighting while remaining energy efficient.


You can add color to your workspace in a variety of ways including paint, fabric, art and more.

“If you like a fast-paced work environment, yellow is the perfect color for you. Yellow is energetic, it’s happy and is bound to keep you moving,” says Bruno. If you prefer a more relaxing environment to work in, then look to softer, cooler colors such as blues and greens. You don’t have to take on a major painting project either! Color can be added to your environment through a variety of ways including pictures, pillows, desk accessories, plants and more. Anything to help set the mood of the space and lift your spirits is recommended.


You may not have access to a top-of-the-line ergonomic chair with all the attachments and finery. However, sitting slumped over balancing your laptop on your knees on the couch is going to result in back pain, neck pain and more distractions. Look for someplace where you can sit up straight and keep your arms at a 90-degree angle while typing. If you prefer a standing desk, make one! Find books or platforms to (securely) raise your laptop to a more convenient height for you. When you get restless, take the chance to get up and move around so you don’t become too sedentary. Your mind and body will thank you.

Don’t let anything – not even your study space –  keep you from your dream of completing your degree! With these easy tips, you can set up a home office where you can Go Far. 

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