Seminole State Survival Tip: the Academic Success Center

Monday, February 10, 2020
Written by: Susan Leavens

Are you sweating your upcoming mid-terms? You’ve done everything right up to this point. You’ve gone to class; you’ve taken copious amounts of notes. You’ve even met with a study group off campus, but something isn’t clicking, and to make sure you ace that exam, you need some guidance. 

Enter your secret weapon: The Academic Success Center

Staffed with peer tutors, paraprofessionals with at least an associate degree and instructional support specialists with at least a bachelor's degree, the Academic Success Center (ASC) is ready to help you walk into that mid-term with the confidence of our National Champion Women’s Golf Team teeing up on the course.

With locations on each campus, you have easy access to academic support, practice tests, and computer labs to write your essays or finish online components to your courses. The vision of the ASC is to help. They strive to assist and promote a culturally and technologically diverse learning community by working hard to help you succeed. 

To make the most of your visits to the ASC, tutors advise that all students, whether they are struggling or not, take full advantage of everything the center has to offer. Come prepared with a goal in mind, and your tutor can help you on specific course-related needs. Together, you can develop a personal study system that gets results. 

“One of the best things about the Academic Success Center is that you are in a controlled environment where other students are studying, and this keeps you focused,” says Turi Christensen, supervisor of the Academic Success Center. “There’s no distraction that you would have at home to pull you away from your studies. Plus our tutors have taken the courses that they are helping with, and they know how to specifically assist the students in their studies.”

Can’t make it to campus to visit the ASC? They’ve got you covered with 1-on-1 tutoring through Zoom, an online tutoring platform. In addition, they have online resources that you can access through their website. With everything from placement test skills refresh resources to help with integrated formulas, you can be confident you’re ready to ace that mid-term.

For more information on the Academic Success Center, including locations, hours and resources, visit

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