At Seminole State, you don't have to go it alone

Thursday, June 27, 2019
Written by: Susan Leavens

Taking the jump from the small pond of high school to the big pond of college can be an intimidating leap. A new campus, new people, a new routine, even new homework assignments. It can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

You don’t have to go it alone at Seminole State College of Florida. When you leave behind high school and step into the new world of college life, the faculty and staff at Seminole State have  your back to help make your new educational path a successful one. 

Register Early

A history class where you can build a catapult, an Introduction to Oceanography course with field trips to the beach, a hands-on forensic science class that puts you in the middle of a crime scene reenactment. Seminole State offers some seriously cool courses. Trust us when we tell you that these classes are snatched up quickly. If you’re wanting to learn about tiny house building, or simulation and gaming fundamentals, keep an eye on the academic calendar and, when registration is open, POUNCE! You won’t regret it when you get to take a class about the science behind the magic of Central Florida’s theme parks. 

Get Involved

Our student life program is a robust component to Seminole State’s atmosphere. With the goal of providing a learning-centered environment that goes hand-in-hand with the academics, Student Life is just what you need to give your first semester at Seminole State the extra flavor you’re looking for. And we suggest you try it all. You never know where you will find your vibe. You can debate politics with the Student Government Association, help serve the community with Seminole State Volunteers, even explore different cultures with the Anime Club. Once you’ve dipped your toes in all the pools, you can pick and choose which club fits your academic schedule. 

Seek the Knowledge

It’s a fact that college courses are completely different than your typical high school courses, that’s why we have the Academic Success Center (ASC). Located on all four campuses, the ASC offers free tutoring in math, writing and the sciences. In addition, it gives you access to an open computer lab, peer tutors and instructional support specialists trained in their area of specialty. Utilizing all the tools the ASC offers you, you’ll be acing that quiz and moving to the head of the class. 

Stay Active

Studies have shown that students who are physically active do well not only in their academic career, but their personal life as well. Seminole State has a wide variety of ways that you can get active and stay active. From the archery club to our intramurals and recreational sports, the staff packs each semester with engaging activities that guarantee not only fun, but a great way to make friends and relieve stress. 

In the end, after you’ve checked off all the boxes on your to do list, done the heavy leg work and prepared yourself in the best way possible, the next steps are the most important: have fun at college, do well, make friends and make memories. 

There are resources available to help you with every aspect of your college life, you just have to ask. We’ve got the best faculty and staff around, who are ready and willing to help with whatever you need. All you have to do is ask! 

About Seminole State College of Florida

Seminole State College of Florida, established in 1965, serves nearly 30,000 students across six sites in Central Florida. A comprehensive college, Seminole State has awarded more than 100,000 credentials, from bachelor's degrees to high school diplomas, and offers more than 200 degrees, certificates and programs designed for success. For more about the college, visit, like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter: @seminolestate.  #SSC #GoStateGoFar 

About the Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life at Seminole State, which has offices on all four campuses, oversees more than 50 student clubs and organizations, provides free student activities and entertainment, and hosts leadership retreats for students. For more information, please visit the Student Life website.