Course Scheduling and Registration

After planning courses, students can open the Course Scheduling tool in the Academic Planner. Course Scheduling lets students set their preferences for when and where they can take classes. Then students select class sections based on those preferences and seat availability in the sections.

Open Course Scheduling by clicking the blue button in the term table. If the student is scheduling for the first time for the term, the button reads Pick Times. After classes are scheduled, the button will read view/edit schedule.

buttons to click when switching from the academic planner to the course scheduler.

Scheduling Preferences

When you open Course Scheduling for the first time for a term, you are asked to set your scheduling preferences. If you have started scheduling, you can revisit scheduling preferences by selecting the Preferences icon. 

Preferences let you set the campuses where you'd like to take classes, your busy times, and your outside commitments. For example, you can block out time when you are commuting or working.

Navigate schedule preferences

By setting these preferences, Navigate360 can narrow down the displayed course sections to only those that meet your preferences. This filtering process helps to streamline course offerings.

After clicking Save Preferences, the visual calendar will update. Blue boxes will appear during the time periods the student noted as unavailable. Students can also update their busy time by clicking on the calendar itself and dragging over the time block, or dragging blocked off time anywhere else on the calendar.

 Course Timeline

Students can see the timeline view of their courses at the top of the Course Schedule. This is helpful for seeing registration sessions as well as classes with multiple meeting patterns.

timeline view of the student schedule

Finding and Selecting Course Sections

Courses planned by the student via the Academic Planner are located on the left-hand side of the page. Each class will display the name of the course, the number of credits, and how many sections are available based upon the previously entered preferences. Online sections with section meeting times will appear in the scheduler the same as in-person sections with meeting times do. Students can use these to see time conflicts on the calendar and get Quick Scheduler suggestions.

There are three ways in which students can schedule their courses. 

  1.  Use the Quick Schedule button to create up to five potential course schedules for a student. These are based upon the classes they wish to schedule, their preferences, and seat availability in sections. A student can select one of these options, and all class sections are selected at once.
  2. Search for specific course sections by Class Number.
  3. Schedule each planned course individually. Students see and choose the Sections link next to a course title. All available sections that meet their preferences appear on the Available tab. The Conflicting tab shows all available course sections that conflict with the student's preferences. The Full tab lists all at-capacity courses that no longer have seat availability.  

Students can filter on section-based labels. An Edit Filters button appears above the list of class sections.

Navigate Schedule Filter Options

Each section tile has a View Details option in its menu. Details provide the student with information about the course, including the days of the week it meets, the time it is offered, the campus location, the teaching professor, the Class Number, and the number of seats available.

Details about a course

Students can select a course section by either clicking the Add to My Schedule blue button in the View Details panel or by clicking the section tile and dragging it anywhere onto the visual calendar. This also adds the course to the timeline. They can also select Add Section from the menu to add it to the visual calendar.

After scheduling the section, section information appears at the bottom of the calendar, on the visual calendar. If a course has more than one section type and the student has scheduled the required section, the course stays in the left panel. The scheduled section has a check mark to indicated it has been scheduled.

If the course does not have more than one section type or all section types have been scheduled, the course no longer shows in the left panel.

To unschedule a course section before registering, students open the course they want to unschedule from the Scheduled Courses table and choose Unschedule Course.

Reminders and Notes about Scheduling

  • Completing these steps maps out the classes a student would like to take. It does not register them for the courses. 
  • Students can navigate back to Academic Planner to make changes to their plan. A course must be planned for the term in order for a student to access the section availability information and schedule it in Course Scheduling.
  • Students can save their work at any time and exit the Course Scheduler. Their preferences and scheduled courses are maintained.
  • Students can use the printer icon in Course Scheduling to print the visual calendar and course scheduling details.

One-Click Registration

Course Registration is the final piece of the Academic Planning experience. This allows students to register for classes after Planning and Scheduling their courses their courses.

Students register directly in Navigate360 by clicking on the Register button on the Course Scheduling Page.

register button


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