Tu Huynh

Vice President of Infrastructure Technology Services, Comerica Bank

For Tu Huynh, Vice President of Infrastructure Technology Services for Comerica Bank, pursuing a degree in computer science at Seminole State just made good sense.

“When I graduated from high school in 1994, I saw the market trends and IT professionals were in high demand,” he says. “So I jumped in right away.”

Seminole’s proximity to home and affordability were also appealing to Tu who immigrated to the United States from Vietnam at the age of 17. Fast forward to today and he says he continues to utilize the skills and concepts he learned in his Novell and Microsoft courses at Seminole.

“Craig Tidwell was my instructor for the Novell series,” Tu explains. “I still have the books and course syllabi for those classes. And, now I’m teaching the next generation of IT students as an adjunct instructor in Texas.” 

Tu says that his Seminole State IT instructors and their curriculum provided him the foundation he continues to apply in his role at Comerica and in the classroom.

“If you are passionate about computers, Seminole State is the place to go. The instructors are veterans of the field. They see the industry trends, apply them to the coursework and provide students a practical and very marketable education.”


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