Billy M. Graham Jr.

Senior Systems Engineer, AEgis Technology Group

With the help of Seminole State’s Networking program, Billy Graham turned his long-term love affair with computers into a successful career as a systems engineer.

“Computers have been a hobby of mine since 1980 when I received my first computer, a TI-99/4A,” he says. “I started college as a business major, taking whatever computer classes I could just out of interest. Once I heard about Seminole State’s Networking Program, it just ‘clicked’ and I knew that’s what I needed to be doing.”

While working toward his Computer Engineering Technology/Networking Associate in Science degree, Billy utilized the services of the College’s Career Development Center to land his first job.

“The classes I took prepared me for the Novell exams and allowed me to get certified at the same time,” he says. “With a networking degree and a certification in Novell, I had no problem finding a job and was paid more money than I ever imagined to do a job I would have done for free.”

Billy recently returned to Seminole State as a student in the College’s new Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Technology program.

“If you have a passion for computer systems and networks, and want a great career making great money, then Seminole State’s IT programs are key to achieving those goals.”


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