Proximity (Prox) Card

In addition to being the College's official student and employee ID, the Blue & Gold Card serves as a proximity (prox) card for authorized cardholders (usually College employees).

Prox cards are ID cards that function as keys to buildings and rooms by utilizing encoded magnetic strips. When the cards are swiped through card readers at entry locations, they allow the cardholder to enter. The Office of Safety and Security administers prox card access.

How to obtain a Blue & Gold Card/Prox Card

Card Services (Prox Card) Locations
Altamonte Springs CampusLibrary (ALT-123)
Heathrow CampusStudent Affairs front desk
Oviedo CampusOVE-103E
Sanford/Lake Mary Campus1st Floor Student Center

If you have a prox card but it was issued prior to Blue & Gold Cards being issued, or if you’ve never had a prox card and need one to access College buildings and rooms, complete the Prox Card Authorization form, including required signatures, and submit it to the Office of Safety and Security on the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus. Safety and Security will review the request and, if approved, forward the form via an email to Card Services at

Card Services will find your record in the ID card system, and if there’s a picture on file, will print a Blue & Gold Prox Card. If there’s no picture, you will be contacted and advised that you may go to Card Services on any campus to have your picture taken. Once your picture is in the ID card system, Sanford/Lake Mary Campus Card Services will print the card. The prox number on the card will be entered into the ID card system, and the card will be delivered to the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus Safety and Security Office.

Safety and Security will notify you when your prox card will be ready for pick-up. You must provide a picture ID (e.g. driver’s license) and sign for your Blue & Gold Prox Card when you obtain it at your campus Safety and Security Office. Your card will be activated upon receipt. However, for those employees in the Computing and Telecommunication Services (CTS) department, CTS will activate your Blue & Gold Prox Card for buildings and rooms when you bring it to the CTS department.

For more information about the Blue & Gold Card, visit the Frequently Asked Questions Web page.


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