Health Information Technology FAQs

Most Asked Health Information Management Questions

Is medical transcription a job for those who want to multitask throughout the day?
How are medical transcriptionists paid?
Why should I be trained as a medical transcriptionist when my neighbor tells me that a speech-recognition computer will replace me by the time I'm done with school?
What are the career opportunities and salary ranges in medical transcription?
What is the typical work load and schedule of a medical transcriptionist?
Can I work from home?
Will I be committed to an inflexible, lock-step class schedule, or can I complete the program on my own terms? Can I take classes for a while, stop for a term or two, and then pick back up again?
How long does the health information technology program take to complete?
I see celebrities on TV all the time advertising courses in medical transcription from correspondence schools. Why is Seminole State better?
What's the big deal about all this school work? Don't you just type exactly what the doctors say? I can type, and I've been to the doctor a lot in my life. I can just go get a job right now, can't I?


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