Laptop Checkout Agreement

Terms and Conditions

  1. Use of any Seminole State College laptop is subject to the requirements of the College’s Acceptable Use Policy (Policy 7.010) and the Student Code of Conduct (Policy 3.090).  Laptops are provided for education and education-related uses only.   Personal or business use of College laptops is not permitted.  The College will comply with requests from law enforcement regarding data, location, and other information of users.  By using a College laptop, the student acknowledges and consents to these disclosures.
  2. Users of College technology (including but not limited to laptops) have no expectation of privacy in the use, creation, or storage of any data, files, programs, or content.  The College is not responsible for any deletion, loss, or interruption of data, files, programs, or content.
  3. Students may not keep a laptop beyond the end of the current academic term for which the student is registered.  Continuing enrollment in a new term does not allow students to keep possession of the same laptop.  Each laptop must be returned to the College within two business days after the last day of student’s classes.  Depending on availability, another laptop may or may not be available for use. 
  4. The student is responsible for backing up any work saved on the laptop and removing personal files prior to returning it.  The College is not responsible for saving or recovering any data left on the computer. 
  5. The laptop is to be returned in the same condition in which it was checked out. The user is liable for any and all cost of repair, replacement, or refurbishment if the laptop (or any part of it) is lost, stolen or damaged in any way.  The student agrees that the College may, among other things, place a financial hold on student’s account (which may prevent registration, graduation, or other activities) until all related costs are paid in full.  Student shall immediately notify the Computer Support Help Desk (407.708.2000) if the laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged in any way.   The user shall NOT replace or repair any item.
  6. The laptop is equipped with a geolocation tracking feature that allows Seminole State College to monitor and determine the location of the laptop and, accordingly, the location of individuals who use or possess the laptop. STUDENTS EXPECT AND AGREE THAT THIS FEATURE MAY BE USED REGULARLY AND WITHOUT NOTICE.
  7. The laptop must be returned within 2 business days of the student dropping all classes or otherwise withdrawing from all classes taken during a term.
  8. No software may be installed on the laptop except that which is required to use a home printer/scanner/wireless keyboard and mouse and software authorized for and related to a student’s current academic work.   The College will not assist with these installations or any related technical support.  College support is limited to hardware or firmware matters necessary to ensure basic functionality.  
  9. All students must first sign in to the laptop using their network ID and password before leaving campus.

Replacement Costs

  • Laptop - $900
  • Charger - $40
  • Backpack - $15
I acknowledge that I provide full consent to usage of the laptop I have borrowed with activation and use of the geolocation tracking feature, which includes possible tracking of your location by the College. I agree that this authorization shall remain valid during any period of enrollment at the College and that my future consent shall not be required for use of a College laptop under these terms.


Phone: 407.708.2000 (ext. 2000 from a campus phone)