Getting Started

During the critical start-up phase after a grant is funded, the Grants Department will provide the project director and other appropriate individuals with the necessary information and guidance they need to start right and to put the project on the road to success. Effective grant projects do not operate in a silo. One of our roles is to initially identify and coordinate a responsive team designed to help you meet the challenges of grant project management.

Upon receipt of a grant award, the Grants Department staff will coordinate a meeting with the project director, the grant administrator, a representative from the Office of Finance and Budget, and any other key stakeholders. The purpose of this initial meeting is to review all the obligations under the grant award, clearly define areas of responsibility and establish a timeline for the internal review and submission of required reports. The Grants Department will follow up with the project director to provide support regarding project implementation and evaluation, to explain record retention requirements, and to help the project director establish the most efficient and effective systems to support and monitor the grant project.  

If you have any questions about setting up your grant project, call Jeri Beel in the Grants Department at ext. 4630.


Jeri Beel
Director, Grants Development