Equipment, Supplies and Travel

Equipment and Supplies

All Equipment and Supply purchases must be clearly and directly in support of funder-approved grant activities. When making such purchases, project directors should always maintain a written record in their official project files to justify that every dollar spent is reasonable and necessary, including a brief explanation of how the item purchased is used in relation to project activities/outcomes.

Equipment purchases, like most expenses in a grant project, should be specified in your approved grant proposal. Each approved equipment item will be allocated to a specific general ledger (GL) code in your grant budget, and the assigned GL will vary depending upon the cost of the item. Also, some equipment must be tagged and inventoried under property control - visit the Property Control website for more information. All equipment purchased with grant funds must follow the established College and funder procurement policies and procedures, including requirements for bids, quotes and property control. A detailed Purchasing Manual for Seminole State College is available on the Purchasing Department website.

Any item not meeting the funder or College definition of Equipment is typically classified as Supplies.

If you have any question about whether an Equipment or Supply purchase is allowable, first, call Toni DeMaglio in the Grants Department at ext. 2499. She can help you understand the basis for making such decisions. In addition to the support provided by the Grants Department, the College provides a variety of internal individual and small group grants management training programs that are available to project managers and staff.


Your approved proposal will detail who is authorized to travel under your grant, and for what purpose. As with all grant expenditures, all travel made with grant funds must be detailed and justified by project directors in their official project files; this justification should include the specific benefit of each trip in terms of the purpose of the grant project. This is especially important for grants that originate at the federal level based on new grant compliance regulations that took effect on Dec. 26, 2014. The new regulations require that grantees document that all travel is necessary.

All grant travel is subject to funder and College travel policies and procedures. Detailed information regarding travel procedures can be found in the Seminole State Travel Manual. In addition, all travel forms and documents are available on the Office of Finance and Budget travel Web page.

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