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Robin Lee Parker seated at the piano.
Robin Lee Parker

For almost 45 years and counting, Robin Lee Parker has made a profound impact on everyone she has met and worked with at Seminole State. From Broadway legend and Seminole State alumnus Norm Lewis, to the founder of the College's music program, Dr. Burt H. Perinchief, there is not a friend, colleague or mentee that would not be willing to share about how Robin helped them in more ways than one.

One of Robin’s primary roles at the College is in serving as the accompanist for choral ensembles and private lessons. From her seat behind the piano, she continues to have a lasting influence on the great music that is made within the department. She has led rehearsals when a director was unable to be there, has been a sounding board with tissue box ready when a private lesson hasn’t gone well, and always has time in her schedule for anyone who needs additional rehearsal time. 

"Your gift will help provide scholarships to students who share this same passion for music and who will continue the enduring legacy of our iconic staple of the college and music program." - Robin Lee Parker.

Success Stories

John Austin

John Austin

A native of Seminole County, John was exposed to music at an early age by his family who always shared a passion for music. He began playing the French Horn when he was entering middle school at 11 years old.  At 13, John started learning trumpet and trombone on the side in order to participate in school jazz ensembles and was accepted into the all-county band by 8th grade. In high school, he began to write and arrange music for small ensembles which later developed into a passion for composition and music theory. John was also a part of the Florida Youth Symphony Orchestra in 2020. Currently, John plays in a group titled "Quintessential Brass" comprised of fellow Seminole State students, and he is on the music pathway at Seminole State in hopes of majoring in French Horn performance and spreading his love for music.

"Thank you so much for this scholarship.  As I pursue my performance degree, I look forward to playing my instrument professionally and spreading the gift of music to listeners.  Your support allows me to continue playing in both the jazz and wind ensembles here at Seminole State." - John Austin

Lianna Rivera

student sitting with cello and flower bouquet
Lianna Rivera

Lianna was born in New York and moved to Florida when she was 3 years old to immigrant parents. During her childhood, she was always involved in music. At the age of 5, she began to play the violin, and later at the age of 7, she also began to play the piano, which she continues to play to this day. After six years of playing the violin, she found her passion for playing the cello after watching her sister thrive on the instrument that would later become Lianna's primary instrument. She participated in Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra for five years and the Winter Park Chamber Orchestra for four years and plays for a church group called “Sabbath Strings.” She is on the Music Therapy Pathway at Seminole State College. She is president of the Strings Club, which is always looking for new members to come and share their love of music.

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