Alumni Legacy Quasi-Endowed Scholarship

alumni volunteers at 2021 Dream Gala
Alumni Leadership Team

Since 1966, Seminole State College of Florida has awarded more than 130,000 degrees and certificates. That's a lot of alumni for a College that started with just a few portable classrooms huddled in a former citrus grove.

Seminole State is now one of the nation's fastest-growing colleges, offering bachelor's degrees; an Associate in Arts degree; and more than 100 Associate in Science and certificate programs.

We want alumni of all our programs to feel that they're still connected to each other and to the College. The Alumni Leadership Team established the Alumni Legacy Quasi-Endowed Scholarship with the hope that families of Seminole State College alumni would be encouraged to continue their family's legacy.

Established by the Seminole State Alumni Association, this scholarship provides tuition and book assistance to students who are in the immediate family of Seminole State alumni. Students must possess a minimum 2.5 GPA, demonstrate a commitment to community service and demonstrate financial need.

Additional Information

Thank you to our donors who support this scholarship:

  • Katelyn Adams
  • Addition Financial
  • Anonymous
  • Chris Behrens
  • Sakinah Bond-Johnson
  • Kelly Bragg
  • Deandra Brown
  • Bonita Burlison
  • William Campbell
  • Abigail Carlson
  • Maggie Chaffin
  • Md Chowdhury
  • Nicolas Claude
  • Amber Clore
  • Kara Colangelo
  • Dawn Coleman
  • Sarah Crawford
  • Robert Dallari
  • Shelly Deans
  • Shivan Desai
  • Diamond Diaz
  • Eden Donahue
  • Curtis Duren
  • Pat Eckstein
  • Valerie Eldridge-Casey
  • Vernita Fletcher
  • Kaleen Fuller
  • Katie George
  • Niloofar Ghazi-Moghaddam
  • Girl Scouts of Citrus Council, Inc.
  • John Gyllin
  • Emily Halverson
  • Rachel Howard
  • Lori Hunt
  • Alice Jones
  • Shayan Khan
  • Kelly Knauth
  • Keerthi Kumar
  • Amabella Lochnicht
  • Jamie Lopez
  • Georgia Lorenz
  • Paul Luby
  • Barbara Miller
  • David Moradian
  • Josh Murdock
  • Melissa Neal
  • Miriam Neville
  • Sue Newman
  • Grace Okeke Aralu
  • Orlando Sanford International Airport
  • Luisana Orta Celis
  • Angely Ortiz
  • Alexa Pao
  • Robin Parker
  • Windy Pierre-Louis
  • R E Martin Plumbing, Inc.
  • Kristin Ramirez
  • Deborah Richard
  • Kristen Richards
  • Melba Rubera
  • Bernise Santiago
  • Laura Schumacher
  • Xinhui Shi
  • Barbara Slodysko
  • Ninoska Smith
  • Sarah Smith
  • Eric Stanton
  • Edward Steward
  • Candice Torres
  • Shaileana Torres
  • Billy B. Williamson
  • Zachary Wood
  • Y2K Service, Inc. dba Next Horizon
  • Veronica Yanno
  • Amber Zevallos


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