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Headshot of Chuck Hollis
Chuck Hollis, CCIM

Chuck Hollis has always been a dreamer. Coming from a modest upbringing, he envisioned a life where he could make a positive impact on those around him. His parents had done everything they could to prepare him for this mission, but he understood early on that a college degree was not within his family’s reach. Accepting the challenge, he started a landscaping company while working for UPS from 3-9 a.m., then delivered pizzas in the evening and worked at a plant nursery with the little spare time he had. Meanwhile, Seminole State College was transforming his life in ways that he would only fully understand years later. 

Upon graduating, he made a promise that when the time came, he would do everything in his power to give back the support he received from his family, friends, and Seminole State College. 

Mr. Hollis has led an impressive career with many notable accomplishments and raised a beautiful family. Since earning his Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation in 2009, he has been involved as a principal in the development of multi-family and commercial properties totaling over $300 million and the leader of 3rd Wave Development.  A lot has changed since that promise was made, but one thing has remained constant – his desire to better our communities and give opportunities to those within them.

Having experienced the stress involved in financing his own way through college, Hollis quickly learned the value of discipline and hard work. However, he also knows that like anything in life, a little bit of luck and some help go a very long way. 

The 3rd Wave Development Endowed Scholarship aims to alleviate the financial burden faced by students studying architecture, engineering or construction so that they can achieve their greatest potential not just in the classroom, but when they eventually enter the workforce and build the future of our beautiful communities.

" I believe one of the best opportunities in life is to obtain an education.  Not only does it benefit yourself, but all those around you. If this scholarship is able to accomplish one thing, my hope is for its recipients to graduate and make the same promise I made all those years ago." - Chuck Hollis

Students pursuing a degree related to architecture, engineering or construction at Seminole State are eligible. In addition to scholarships, 3rd Wave Development is working closely with Seminole State's Career Development Center and the Wharton-Smith Center for Construction to provide internship and future career placement opportunities for our students.

Success Stories

Presenters and students at award ceremony

Chuck and Jamie Hollis presented three $1,500 scholarships to Nelson Figueroa Caraballo, Josue Hidalgo and Nicholas Tejada at Lyman High School's 2023 Senior Awards Ceremony. As graduates of Lyman's Academy of Building & Design, these awards will help the students take their education to the next level under the Wharton-Smith Center for Construction at Seminole State.

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