Fall A and Full term disbursements begin the week of September 15th.

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FA Verification Portal

Students selected for verification will be required to submit their verification documents via the FA Verification Portal. To create your account and complete your verification tasks, visit (Use Chrome or Firefox browsers.). Once you log in to the portal, specific student tasks will be displayed for you. Complete the required information, and submit the requested documentation through the portal.

Logging in to the Portal

  1. Log in with your student email address.
    Example - If doejohn5 is your network login,
    use the following as your username:
  2. Enter your password in the second field.
    Your password is the same one used to login
    to Canvas, your email account, or the network. This is not your MySeminoleState password.

It is recommended that you log in from a desktop or laptop computer not a mobile device. If you are unable to access your account, contact the HelpDesk at 407.708.2000, or visit Student Services on any campus to speak to a specialist.

The Department of Education has regulations to ensure that only eligible students receive financial aid. Verification is the process used to confirm information you provided on the FAFSA. There are continual changes each year related to the verification process, and not all applicants will be asked to submit the same documents. You may be asked to provide different documents than you have submitted in previous years.  After submitting all requested documents, regularly check your portal to see if additional documentation needs to be submitted or if verification has been completed.  Should your financial aid award change due to verification, you will receive a message in your Student Message Center within 24 hours of those changes posting, alerting you to review them on your award screen.  

Your file will not be complete until all requested documents are received and processed by Financial Aid. The verification process may delay the awarding of financial aid if corrections need to be submitted to the federal processor. Per federal regulations, you must have completed verification and the institution received your correct official ISIR transaction within 120 days of when you cease to be a student or until the verification deadline published in the Federal Register, whatever comes first. Once at the applicable deadline, verification is no longer an option and you cannot be considered for aid.


Financial Aid Office
Phone: 407.708.2045
Fax: 407.708.2323

Federal School Code: 001520