Graduation Requirements

Associate in Arts: Overview of graduation requirements

(Refer to the College Catalog for specific requirements that apply to your catalog year.)

The Associate in Arts degree is tailored for students planning to continue to a university to earn a baccalaureate degree. The A.A. degree requires a minimum of 60 college-level credit hours. These are earned by adding 36 hours of general education credits, plus 24 hours of elective credits to equal 60 total hours of A.A. degree credits.

General Education

The General Education program at Seminole is designed to contribute to the student's educational growth by providing basic liberal arts education and it is an integral part of the A.A. degree program.

The most common path selected by students is a 36 hours of academic credit, which serve as the core of the curriculum. The 36 hours are selected from five core areas of academic courses offered at the College (communication, humanities/social science, history, science and mathematics).

Alternative approaches to general education

Seminole State offers students three alternatives to the traditional General Education program. These alternative tracks enhance an already comprehensive A.A. Degree education.