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FTIC Placement Testing PERT

State Board Rule 6A-10.0315 mandates that all non-exempt first-time-in-college (FTIC) applicants for admission to state colleges and universities who apply to enter degree programs (bachelor's or associate) must be tested for reading, writing and mathematics proficiency prior to the completion of registration, using one or more of the prescribed tests (ACT, SAT, PERT or ACCUPLACER) and must enroll in college developmental communication and computation instruction if the test scores are lower than those required by the state. The Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) is used in conjunction with the ACCUPLACER for college-credit placement into math courses.

Entry-level placement test scores must be less than two years old. Required developmental writing and reading courses (or required EAP courses, if applicable) must be completed prior to entering English I and/or any Gordon Rule course.

 Placement Testing & Developmental Exemptions

Please refer to Developmental Courses section of the catalog for exemption information.

Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT)

For college-credit students without a current ACT, ACCUPLACER, PERT or SAT score, Seminole State administers the PERT as the primary placement test. Institutional standards have been established for placing students in certain levels of courses based on the PERT scores. The PERT Refresh Program is available for students who wish to challenge their initial PERT score. Transfer students who have completed either the first level college credit English or math class (or successfully completed the last sequential developmental course) do not need to take a placement test. Completion of entry testing is required prior to participation in new student orientation and advisement and prior to registration for any course that has a math or English prerequisite.

PERT Requirements

Degree-seeking, non-exempt FTIC students and all non-exempt college credit, certificate-seeking students whose degree or certificate program is 12 or more credits must take the PERT. Such students may not register for any credit course at Seminole State until they have a set of complete scores on file.

Students in these groups must take the PERT:

  • All students seeking Early College/dual enrollment.
  • Non-exempt students who took a placement examination more than two years ago but never enrolled into a Florida public postsecondary institution. Students must complete the PERT refresh program before retesting.
  • Non-exempt students who cannot provide ACT, SAT, PERT or ACCUPLACER official scores or scores on an official transcript by the date of their advising appointment.
  • Non-exempt students who studied ESOL in high school or completed a portion of high school in a country where English is not the only official language are required to:
    • Complete a timed writing sample for possible placement into English for Academic Purposes (EAP) in addition to having college-ready PERT, ACT, ACCUPLACER or SAT scores;
    • Complete the Level of English Proficiency (ESL/LOEP) test in addition to completing the timed writing sample if PERT, ACT, ACCUPLACER or SAT scores are not college ready;
    • Score at ESL/LOEP, EAP Intermediate (EAP 400) level to take PERT math test;
    • Complete EAP sequence without retaking the PERT/LOEP. After starting the sequence, students may retake after two years' absence from sequence for advancement purposes.

PERT Exemptions

Non-exempt students are exempt from taking the PERT unless needed as a prerequisite for a specific course, if they provide written documentation for one of the following:

  • Official ACT, ACCUPLACER, PERT or SAT scores less than two years old that place the student into college-level coursework at Seminole State.
    Note: The college may not mandate students to retest for placement if students have former placement scores older than two years old and have enrolled (whether enrolled into developmental courses or not) into a Florida public postsecondary institution.
  • New SAT scores of 24 or above in reading, 25 or above in writing and language and 24 or above in mathematics for placement into Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1033).
  • ACT scores of 19 or above on the reading and, 17 or above on English and 19 or above on math for placement into Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1033). Any score presented which is below that needed for exemption will require the student to be tested on the appropriate PERT subtest(s).
  • Attended a regionally accredited college or university in which English was the language of instruction and have completed college-level or the highest college developmental-level coursework as evaluated by Seminole State in English and/or mathematics with a grade of "C" or higher.
  • Official Seminole State record indicating that the student is enrolled in another college or university and has applied to Seminole State as a transient student.
  • Official Seminole State record indicating that the student is enrolled for teacher recertification.

PERT Placement Scores

English Placement (PERT)

Reading Skills Score (> 106) plus Writing Skills score (> 103) = ENC 1101.
Required developmental writing and reading courses (or required EAP courses, if applicable) must be completed prior to entering English I and/or any courses that satisfies the State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.030 (previously Gordon Rule).

Reading Skills Score

50 - 105 = REA 0019 Developmental Reading or LOEP for EAP placement. REA 0055 Developmental Reading Module (If non-exempt, must have score of 101-105).

> 106 = No Prep reading required.

Writing Skills Score

50 - 102 = ENC 0022 Developmental Writing or LOEP/writing sample for EAP Placement.
ENC 0055 Developmental Writing Module (If non-exempt, must have score of 98-102).

> 103 = No Prep writing required; writing sample required for EAP students.

Mathematics Placement (PERT)

Mathematics Skills Score

50 - 113 = MAT 0057 Pre-College Mathematics or MAT 0022 Developmental Mathematics Combined.

MAT 0055 Developmental Math Module (If non-exempt, must have score of 109-113).

114 - 122 = MAT 1033 Intermediate Algebra or MAT 1100 Mathematical Understanding and Applications.
123 - *150 = MAC 1105 College Algebra or MGF 1106 College Mathematics or MGF 1107 Liberal Arts Math or STA 2023 Statistical Methods I.

*Students who score 130 or above are eligible to take the AAF portion of the ACCUPLACER Next Generation. Please refer to the information below when working with students who have taken the AAF portion of the ACCUPLACER.

ACCUPLACER: Advance Algebra Functions (AAF) Skills Score

262 or below = MAT 1033 Intermediate Algebra or MAT 1100 Mathematical Understanding and Applications.
263-275 = MAC 1105 College Algebra or MGF 1106 College Mathematics or MGF 1107 Liberal Arts Math or STA 2023 Statistical Methods I.
276 or above = MAC 1140 Pre-calculus Algebra or MAC 1114 Trigonometry or MAC 2233 Concepts of Calculus or MAC 1147 Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry.

Retaking the PERT

To be eligible to retake the PERT, Seminole State students must refresh their skills. Students may take the PERT three times at the college level. Between the initial PERT attempt and the PERT Refresh, each student must complete a remediation program. Acceptable remediation shall be a diagnostic exam plus an Internet-based remediation for the deficient skills found via the diagnostic exam. Students should follow these seven easy steps to complete the requirement:

  • Step 1: Go to the testing office and request the diagnostic exam. The testing specialist will set the $10.00 cost of the diagnostic exam plus acces to the online remediation program, PERT remediation.
  • Step 2: Go to the Seminole State Cashiers Office and pay the testing fee.
  • Step 3: Take the diagnostic exam. The exam is 50 questions per subtest.
  • Step 4: Receive your test results and learn how to access PERT remediation from the testing specialist. Based on each student's skill deficiency as shown by the diagnostic tests, the PERT remediation will provide instructions about the specific skill and practice exams to check mastery. Tutoring is also available in the STAR Center of Academic Success Center.
  • Step 5: Locate a computer for the PERT remediation. You may use computers at specified campus locations or access the remediation program from home. Campus computers are located in the library, Academic Success Center and the STAR Center.
  • Step 6: Meet with the STAR Center/Academic Success Center staff. They will confirm that you have successfully completed remediation by demonstrating skill mastery. You cannot retest without assigned approval.
  • Step 7: Pay for the PERT retest. Although the initial PERT is free, the retest cost is $10. Please visit the testing location where you plan to take the exam and request that the testing specialist set your fee. To pay this fee, please follow the instructions in Step 2 (above). The cost to retake the PERT is $10 per testing session whether you take one (1) or three (3) subtests. The cost remains at $10.00.

General Rules regarding the PERT Refresh Program:

  1. Students may only take the PERT three times at the college level within a two-year period and must refresh before each attempt.
  2. Students with the following minimum initial scores on PERT: Reading (101), Writing (98), Math (109) may take the PERT diagnostic and then self-remediate.
  3. Students who have withdrawn from a course must go through the PERT Refresh Program.