First Year Experience

Students seeking an associate in arts degree and entering the program with less than 15 earned credit hours must satisfy the First-Year Experience requirement. 

Catalog Year
 (Requirement Term)
Fall 2023 forwardAssociate in Arts (A.A.)IDS 1107 First Year Experience Flightpath: Chart Your Course
IDS 1107 should be taken in the student's first semester.
Credits earned via accelerated mechanisms are not included in the 15-hour count.

Students in the Flightpath course will connect directly to the robust college culture of Seminole State with its collaborative, inclusive, and supportive environment. Students will explore the Pathways approach and become familiar with campus resources and the Navigate app software. Through coursework and exploration, students will dig deeper into various career pathways, course requirements, understanding of academic expectations, and extra-curricular opportunities in their fields of interest. Students will also experience and contribute to the powerful benefits of the College's culture, including curriculum to enhance student self-advocacy, information literacy, and goal setting, all of which maximize student success as they earn their degrees. This course requires engagement in college activities that may occur outside of your scheduled class.

For course offerings, please see the online catalog, IDS1107 First Year Experience Flightpath: Chart Your Course.