Program Responsibilities

Seminole State College:

  • Provide on-campus instruction in accordance with the approved curriculum
  • Provide relevant equipment and tools
  • Provide academic advisement
  • Assist dealership coordinators in planning experiences at the sponsoring dealership. Instructors are assigned to dealership to follow-up during the co-op portion of program
  • Screen applicants and assist dealers with student selection for the program
  • Furnish program information when requested and provide graduates with associate degrees in automotive technology


  • Maintain sponsorship with a participating dealership
  • Maintain academic standards and adhere to academic policies
  • Provide sponsoring dealer with responsible and productive employment
  • Be responsible for program costs: tuition, fees, books, and tools (financial aid available)
  • Possess a valid Florida driver's license (must have good driving record)
  • Be a high school graduate (or equivalent)
  • Be 18 years of age or older by the time of the first dealership work assignment
  • Pass a drug screening test as required for employment

Dealer/Repair Facility:

  • Interview and select prospective students
  • Appoint an in-dealership mentor to assist the College's program coordinator/instructor in planning and monitoring the cooperative work experience.
  • Provide appropriate work experience that reinforces the most recent classroom instruction
  • Provide students with uniforms consistent with the dealer's policy for other employees


Ronda Thacker
Fax: 407.708.2404