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This is a collaboration between Seminole State College departments to call all the book lovers, art appreciators, and culture vultures among us! History, Humanities, Modern Languages, Fine & Performing Arts, Speech Communication, and English faculty and staff want YOU to help make our college a warm and witty place for all of the arts to flourish. We're gathering all the best information on local cultural events, SSC courses in these fields, and how to plan for a career you'll love. Come enjoy everything from theater to poetry, history to ceramics, music to painting. Join us! 

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Art is a Universal Language for Everyone

Thousands of years ago, mankind told stories through cave drawings. Through the ages, artists have relayed history through drawings, stories, music, movement, and architecture. Joy, sorrow, anger, peace - the emotions and experiences of artists are shared in a sketched line, a poignant note, and a well-selected word. 

Even if our work is not displayed in an art gallery, personal expression holds many benefits. Creating an artistic piece is relaxing for many artists and helps them cope with the pressures of everyday life or extreme situations. To help control high blood pressure or other stress-related illnesses, doctors often suggest self-expression through art. 

Art also benefits people across industries. Art is an effective way to communicate across language and cultural barriers. This makes it ideal for business and professional applications beyond its aesthetic contributions, too. Join us by filling your life with more Arts & Letters!

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Fall 2024 Course Overviews

RTV 1201C – Introduction to TV Production 1

Professor O’Brien  

This class introduces students to the fundamentals of video production via the creation of documentary-style video content. Students work on both solo and group projects, becoming highly proficient on a variety of professional grade video production cameras, audio recording and lighting equipment, and the Adobe Premiere Pro editing app.
View RTV 1201C Official Course Description 

RTV 1241 - Introduction to TV Production 2

Professor O’Brien  

In this class, students work in collaborative production crews learning the artistry of producing scripted narrative films. The class culminates with the production of a scripted short film. Join this cool immersive class that is a hands-on, engaging, collaborative workshop. We roll up our sleeves from the first day of class and dig into the work right out of the gate, learning the fundamentals of cinematic storytelling from story concept to scripting, production and editing. Students work with professional grade production camera, audio, and lighting equipment. This class covers the same steps found in any major studio production. A fantastic opportunity for those students looking to ready themselves for work on film industry sets.
View RTV 1241  Official Course Description 

RTV 1240 - Intro to Audio Production

Professor O’Brien  

This class focuses solely on audio production. Students learn the fundamentals of working with professional grade audio equipment and editing software, producing podcasts, mixing professional studio quality music tracks, and creating sound effects for films. Consider this fun, hands-on workshop style class.
View RTV 1240 Official Course Description 

RTV 2250 – Video Post-Production

Professor O’Brien

Film editors are the unsung heroes of the cinematic world. In this class, students take a deep dive into the language of cinematic storytelling as seen through the eyes of a film editor. With access to the raw source clips from real world film productions, students engage in hands-on project work, assembling film edits. In addition, students engage in sound design and editing to apply music and sound effects while also learning to color-correct film footage. Students become highly proficient in the Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition editing apps.
View RTV 2250 Official Course Description 

RTV 2930 (12146) – Selected Studies: Directing for the Camera

Professor O’Brien

This collaborative partnership production course is co-taught with the SSC Theater Department and focuses on the production of a scripted narrative film. Students from the Digital Cinema Department and students from the Theater Department collaborate on the creation of a scripted narrative film, working side by side throughout the entire process from story creation, scripting, filming, and editing.
View RTV 2930 Official Course Description 

RTV 2930 (11308) - Selected Studies: Independent Projects

Professor O’Brien

Directed Independent Study In this course, the student proposes one project to work on for the semester as guided by professor oversight. You get to choose your own adventure, write a script, edit a film, create sound effects, create podcast content, and produce your own short film.
View RTV 2930 Official Course Description

RTV 2925 - TV Workshop

Professor O’Brien

This is a class where the students function as an actual real-world production crew working on community-based production partnership projects, gaining real-world experience making real-world content for real-world partnership clients. This course provides an excellent opportunity to get fieldwork experience on a variety of projects, complete with real-world deliverables and real-world credits.
View RTV 2925 Official Course Description 

RTV 2245C – Electronic Field Production

Professor O’Brien

This is a class that focuses on broadcast news journalism-style production in which students work in small collaborative production teams to create television news magazine-style content, like the segments seen on shows like “60 Minutes” and “Dateline.” This course offers an opportunity to become highly proficient in a very specific style of video production.
View RTV 2245C Official Course Description

MUH 2022 – History of Rock Music

Professor Williamson

Join us for a journey that takes Jazz and Blues to make it Rock and Roll and beyond. Listen to and study the music of artists from Chuck Berry and Elvis to The Beatles and Bruce Springsteen. We will learn more about artists, songs, and sub-genres. You’ll even attend a concert! Throughout this class, we will see how the events of the world around us affect the music that is popular at the time and how Bach was as much of an influence to Rock Music as Elvis.
View MUH 2022 Official Course Description 

MUL 2010 – Music Appreciation

Professor Williamson

In this class, we will journey through the history of music from Classical Antiquity to today. What is the connection between Bach and Beyonce? Why do certain pieces of music have specific dances that are associated with them? Why do we call music from throughout history “classical music” even though the classical era didn’t last for much more than 50 years? Answer these questions and many more as we dive into everything music.
View MUL 2010 Official Course Description 

AMH 2010: U.S. History to 1865

Professor Reigelsperger

Looking for a history class that will take you on an adventure through time? Look no further! This American history class covers everything from the indigenous civilizations that called this land home to the exciting events that helped shape the United States in the 1800s. You'll learn about the writers, rebels, smugglers, and spies who shaped American history in its early days. This class is an opportunity to explore the triumphs and struggles of the people who helped build the nation.
View AMH 2010 Official Course Description 

AMH 2020: U.S. History 1865 to Present

Professor Reigelsperger

Welcome to an exciting American history class that covers topics from 1865 to the present day! In this class, you will embark on a fascinating journey through time, exploring the key events, people, and movements that have shaped modern America. From the second Industrial Revolution to the end of the Cold War, we’ll look at defining moments in American history and culture. This class will explore events up through the early 2000s. Get ready to discover the major players and events that have made America what it is today.
View AMH 2020 Official Course Description 

AMH 2070 - History of Florida

Professor Reigelsperger

Did you ever wonder how Florida got so weird? Take History of Florida find out! Get ready to immerse yourself in powerful indigenous societies, infamous conquistadors, adventurous freebooters, and epic revolutionaries. This walk on the wild side of history will also explore the invention of the tourist trap, the invention of the Florida land hustle, and the wide array of people and cultures who have come to make up the state of Florida. Whether you're a lifelong Floridian or a newcomer to the Sunshine State, our Florida history class is the perfect way to deepen your knowledge and appreciation of this unique and amazing place we call home.
View AMH 2070 Official Course Description

EUH 2000: European History Up to 1600

Professor Steinhaus

If you stop and think about the Roman Empire each day, this is where you belong! Travel from togas to Renaissance in this whirlwind survey of early European history. We’ll talk about the Greeks, the Romans, the Middle Ages, and the Reformation. This is the place for unstable emperors, Viking invasions, backbiting royals, religious upheaval, deadly plagues, and so much more! Come sort out your timelines and storm a few castles in the process.

View EUH2000 Official Course Description

EUH 2001: European History From 1600 to Present

Professor Steinhaus

Greetings all those eager to understand the modern world! This course will move from peasants and monarchs right through (more  than one) French revolution and vile Victorian industrial slums. If these tricky transitions aren’t enough food for though, we’ll explore the First and Second World Wars in depth before we looks at the Cold War in all its bunker-building horror. This is a great chance to build context for today’s global politics, and our content will evolve along Vladimir Putin’s agenda.

View EUH2001 Official Course Description

FRE 1120 and FRE 1121 - Elementary French I and II 

Professor Vivian

Bonjour! Parlez-vous français? If you answered no to the previous question, or maybe even huh? join us in Elementary French I (FRE 1120) and Elementary French II (FRE 1121). Discover where (and why) French is spoken all around the world. Study beginning French grammar and vocabulary for everyday life (school, home, traveling, food…). Impress your friends with your pronunciation of menu items at fancy restaurants and easily navigate bilingual signs and labels when visiting our neighbors to the north. À bientôt!

View FRE1120 Official Course Description

View FRE1121 Official Course Description

HUM 2250 - 20 & 21 Century Humanities

Professor Menninger

Dive into a century of transformative ideas, movements, and revolutions with HUM2250. We’ll think about why paint thrown on a canvas changed art, how dystopian novels illuminate our world, why bodies moving shifted borders, and how jazz reflected our country. We’ll watch a play where all they do is wait but we’ll learn a lot about the human condition, and we’ll read a story about a man who turns into a bug which will help us think about technology today. This course doesn't just recount history; it prompts you to critically analyze the human experience throughout the modern age.
View HUM 2250 Official Course Description 

SPN 1120 & 1121 – Spanish

Professors Vasquez & Alzate

Do you realize that you’re surrounded? Latinos are now 19% of the population of the US, and it is predicted that Latinos will be the largest ethnic group by 2050. You need to be prepared! In this course, you'll be immersed in the magic of a new language, and you'll soon find yourself conversing with simple sentences in real life settings. You will be able to do simple, important tasks, like ordering food at a restaurant or getting the phone number of that hottie you met at the bar. Besides, this is Florida, and you already know at least one person who speaks this language. There is not a better reason to learn! Whether you're a complete newbie or have dabbled in the language a bit, our friendly and supportive environment is designed to make you feel comfortable and confident. Our classes are like Vegas. What happens here, stays here. Join us and make new friends, challenge yourself, and most importantly, have a blast while acquiring a new language. Come be a part of our vibrant language-loving community and let the good times roll. Your language-learning adventure starts here! 

SPN 1120, Prerequisites: None 

SPN 1121, Prerequisites: SPN 1121 or Instructor approval 

View SPN 1120 Official Course Description 

View SPN 1121 Official Course Description 

CRW 2001—Creative Writing I

Professor Bennett

CRW 2001 is a reading-focused writing workshop designed to engage students in contemporary literature as well as give them the opportunity to develop their own voice—whether it be in poetry or prose—through peer review as well as instructor feedback. We will read selections from The Best American series to not only immerse students in currently published work, but to emulate the styles of today’s popular writers. Students will also present a nontraditional book report which focuses on a work they find most inspiring to their artistic voice.
View CRW 2001 Official Course Description 

CRW 2002—Creative Writing 2

Professor Bennett

CRW 2002 is an extension of CRW 2001 that focuses more intensely on workshop, peer review, and instructor feedback. Students will submit creative work more often, though with no limitation to their choice of genre. There are no textbooks for this course. Instead, readings will be curated based on each unique participant dynamic. Students will also present a nontraditional book report which focuses on a work they find most inspiring to their artistic voice.
View CRW 2002 Official Course Description

ENC2931-Selected Studies: Shakespeare and Popular Culture

Professor Feldman

Over four hundred years after his death in 1616, William Shakespeare permeates our everyday lives: From the words we speak to our popular culture heartthrobs (think Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce) to the political rhetoric spewed by the twenty-four-hour news cycle, Shakespeare's hidden influence is there. This course will cherry-pick the sweetest and most savory historical footnotes from Shakespeare's work and life to create this unique celebration of the greatest writer of all time.
View ENC2931 Official Course Description

ENL2012—British Literature 1

Professor Flanagan

Hwæt (yo)! This course is for adventurous readers! There’ll be something for everybody; dream visions, monster stories, and love poems are just the beginning. There will also be an eclectic mix of exciting battles, damsels in distress, misbehaving knights, a kidnapped prince, talking horses, and strong women. Find out where Tolkien (and other fantasy authors) got some of their inspiration! Come join us across the “whale-road” for 1000 years’ worth of British literature’s “greatest hits” from Anglo-Saxon times to the early eighteenth century. 

Prerequisite: ENC1101
View ENL 2012 Official Course Description 

ENG 2100 – The Art of Film

Professor O’Brien

If you love watching movies and wonder what makes “movie magic” then this is the class for you. Throughout the semester students investigate the language of cinematic storytelling, discovering how filmmakers harness the various facets of film language to create the captivating stories that fill the screens. In conjunction with in-depth lectures and robust in-class discussions, students screen a wide variety of films from different genres to obtain a broad, expansive view of how cinematic narrative storytelling works.
View ENG 2100 Official Course Description 

ENG 2103 – World Cinema  

Professor O’Brien

Explore how filmmakers from around the world harness the common language of cinema to tell distinct and dynamic stories as seen through the lens of their cultural experience. Organized around theme-based film groups, the course combines lecture, weekly film screenings, and robust discussions as students compare films that harness distinctly different approaches to similar subjects and themes. From Asia, Europe to the US and beyond, students benefit from viewing a broad sampling of films from all around the world.
View ENG 2103 Official Course Description

LIT2000-100: Introduction to Literature

Professor Swiatkowski

This course introduces and develops the student’s practice in close reading poetry and short fiction and aims to improve the student’s skills at writing critical essays and research papers about literature. We will spend time exploring the genealogy of criticism as well as classifying the kinds of resources available to student researchers. Altogether, the student will develop as a critical reader and thinker while becoming a more confident scholarly writer who appreciates literature's meaningful multiplicities.
View LIT2000 Official Course Description

LIT2000H: Introduction to Literature

Professor Janus

This honors-level literature 2000 course offers an in-depth exploration of J.K. Rowling's beloved Harry Potter series through a literary lens. Students will delve into the magical world of Hogwarts and its characters, examining themes, symbols, and literary techniques while fostering critical thinking and analytical skills. As we explore how the themes connect to modern day cultural, societal, and political events and phenomena, we will also analyze the storytelling techniques used to bring the wizarding world alive in the books, films, theme parks, and various other media like fan fiction and video games. This course will challenge students to think critically about the series' cultural significance and explore the enduring appeal of the Harry Potter universe.

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