How You'll Be Notified

Seminole State uses multiple methods to reach members of the College community: students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, visitors and the news media.

Follow these steps to receive emergency notifications:

  • Listen for emergency broadcasts through the Emergency Alert Phone System. Speaker phones are located in all classrooms and offices at Seminole State.
  • Visit Seminole State's website for updates.
  • Check the College's home page, online Newsroom, and Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) sites for updated information.
  • Call the Emergency Hotline at 407.708.2290.
  • Check your mobile phone for emergency text messages.
  • Check your Seminole State e-mail account. When possible, Seminole State will e-mail messages to students, faculty and staff.
  • Look for fliers, alerts on campus TV screens and regular updates from the news media.