RN-to-BSN Online FAQs

Most Asked Nursing (RN-to-BSN) Program Questions

How long will it take me to complete the RN-to-BSN program?
Does the Seminole State RN-to-BSN program have a waiting list?
If I graduated with an associate degree in nursing from a regionally accredited nursing program, will I be accepted into Seminole State's RN-to-BSN program?
I have a bachelor's degree or higher. Do I still need to take the prerequisite courses to be accepted to the RN-to-BSN program?
I have taken some or all of my prerequisites at another institution. May I apply to Seminole State's nursing programs?
Can I enroll in Seminole State's RN-to-BSN program if I graduated with an associate degree or diploma in nursing from a nursing program at a non-accredited school?
If I submit a transcript from another school, will my courses transfer automatically to Seminole State's RN-to-BSN program?
If I am not tech savvy, am I still a good candidate for an online program?
I am enrolled in another RN-to-BSN program. How do I transfer from my current school to Seminole State's RN-to-BSN program?
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