Repeat Course with "C" or Better Request (Procedure 3.0850)

Based on Board Policy and Florida Statutes:1009.285, 1004.07 F.S.; 6A-14.0301, 6A-14.0541 F.A.C.; College Policy 3.010
Effective Date:11/18/2014
Date of Review:---


The purpose of this procedure is to outline the process for students to follow when requesting to repeat a course with a grade of C or better.


Students may request to repeat a course with a grade of C or better under very special circumstances such as a teacher recertification, specifications of a regulatory agency, and program requirements.

  1. Students must submit the Request to Repeat a Course with a C or Better form and supporting documentation.
  2. If approved, the original grade will remain on the student’s transcript. When the course is repeated, the second grade will also show on the student transcript, but it will not be figured into the GPA, and additional credit hours will not be received. Financial Aid will not pay for a repeated course previously taken with a C or better grade.
  3. Documentation must be provided at the time that the request is submitted for consideration. The request is reviewed and decided by the Registrar/Enrollment Services Office and there is no appeal process.

Request application forms as well as detailed instructions regarding process are available online at

Recommended byExecutive TeamDate11/2014
Approved:President, E. Ann McGeeDate11/2014