Retiree Dental, Health, and Vision Insurance (Procedure 2.4700)


Based on board policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
1001.64 F.S.; 6A-14.0261; .0262 FAC; SCC Rule 2.470May 13, 1997

To outline eligibility and procedures for retirees and their eligible dependents to continue in the College group dental, health, and vision insurance plans.

  1. Definition of Eligible Dependent - Shall be that which is defined by the College's group insurance plans.
  2. Persons retiring in :

    1. the Florida Retirement System, or
    2. the State Community College System Optional Retirement Program (SCCORP), provided they have at least an aggregate of ten years of full-time service in the Florida Retirement System, the SCCORP, or the State University System Optional Retirement Program, may continue their coverage in the College's group dental, health, and vision insurance plans and may remain in these plans for life.
  3. Coverage's may also be continued for eligible dependents of retirees, provided they continue to meet the definition of eligible dependents.
  4. Persons who have previously retired from another public entity, in any of the retirement plans indicated above, are not eligible to continue their coverage's in the insurance plans.
  5. Retirees and their eligible dependents, who choose to discontinue any of these insurance plans, will not be eligible to return to them.
  6. Retirees continuing in the insurance plans are responsible for full payment of premiums. Failure to make timely premium payments will result in cancellation of coverage.
  7. To reduce College administrative costs, retirees in the Florida Retirement System, who choose to continue in the group health insurance plans, will be required to pay their premiums through payroll deduction from their pensions. Exceptions will be made if a pension is insufficient to pay the monthly premium.
  8. For retirees and eligible dependents under age 65, the insurance premiums are the same as those for active employees.
  9. For retirees and eligible dependents age 65 and older, who are covered by Medicare, health insurance premiums may be reduced or may be the same as those of active employees, depending on the provisions of the plans in effect at a given time. The dental and vision insurance premiums are the same as those for active employees.
  10. Employees nearing retirement dates should consult with staff of the Human Resources Office several weeks in advance to determine the choices and rates that will be in effect as of their retirement dates.
Recommended byPresident CouncilDate5/14/97
Approved:President, E.Ann McGeeDate5/14/97