Sabbatical Leave Committee (Procedure 2.2301)


Based on board policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
6Hx25A-3.2300; SCC Rule 2.1103/5/90; Rev. 11/24/97

The purpose of this procedure is to define the sabbatical leave committee and to outline its operation.

  1. By the second Monday in September each year, the Director of Human Resources will submit to the President a list of employees who will serve as a committee to recommend sabbatical leaves for the next academic year.
  2. The seven member committee will be randomly chosen by Human Resources as follows:

    1. An administrator from pay grade forty-nine or above as defined in the SCC Salary Schedule.
    2. Five instructors paid from different cost centers, to consist of one individual from Adult Education, two from Career Programs and two from Arts and Sciences.
    3. A counselor, librarian or administrator paid from a pay grade lower than forty-nine.
  3. Excluded from consideration for membership are:

    1. The President, the vice presidents, and the Director of Human Resources.
    2. Individuals paid from the Restricted Current Fund (Fund 2).
    3. Individuals who would have, as of the faculty starting date of term 1 of the year in which the committee will meet, less than five years of full-time service at the College.
    4. Individuals on, or applying for, sabbatical leave, personal leave, retirement, or extended sick leave.
    5. Individuals who have served on the committee in either of the two previous years.
  4. By October 1, the President will designate a chair from the committee membership, and will notify each member, in writing, of the committee appointment, with a copy to each vice president, the Director of Human Resources, and the committee member's immediate supervisor.
  5. A quorum exists when a majority of the committee members are present.
  6. A quorum of the members present at the final selection of the candidates to be recommended for sabbaticals must have been present at all candidate interviews.
  7. The Committee will select candidates for sabbatical leave according to the criteria and schedule in the procedure titled Sabbatical Leave.
Recommended byPresident CouncilDatex/x/xx
Approved:President, E.Ann McGeeDate12/4/97