Sabbatical Leave (Procedure 2.2300)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
6Hx25A-3.2301; SCC Policy 2.1108/06


A Sabbatical Leave is an extended professional leave during which time an employee is relieved of regular job responsibilities to pursue professional development. Sabbatical leaves are funded with Staff and Program Development (SPD) funds. Additional SPD support is available to college personnel during a sabbatical leave within the limits established for all college employees.


To specify the process and timeline for selection of sabbatical candidates by members of the Sabbatical Committee.


  1. By the faculty reporting date for Term I, the Director of Human Resources will notify employees, via e-mail and the SCCNews, of the deadline for applying for sabbatical leave for the next fiscal year.
  2. Any eligible employee may initiate a request by completing the appropriate sections of SCC Form No. 8- 08/06 Rev., Application for Extended Professional Leave with Pay (Sabbatical Leave), and submitting it through supervisory channels to the Director of Human Resources. An application requires endorsement at each supervisory level below president. For the purposes of sabbatical leave, a supervisor's endorsement means that he or she supports the applicant's request for sabbatical leave and recommends approval of that request. A supervisor may endorse the application of any otherwise eligible employee who received an overall performance appraisal rating of "satisfactory" or "meets expectations" or above on his or her most recent/current performance appraisal. An employee whose performance rating is "unsatisfactory" or "needs improvement" will not be considered for a sabbatical leave.
    Applicants not being recommended by their supervisor(s) will be notified of the reason, in writing, and given an opportunity to review the matter with the administrator denying the request. A completed application must be received no later than October 15 for leave during the following fiscal year. When October 15 falls on a weekend, the deadline will be the next business day.
  3. The Director of Human Resources will forward copies of all completed applications to the chair of the Sabbatical Leave Committee by November 1.
  4. The committee chair will convene the Committee to review the applications against the selection criteria given below, and will submit the Committee's recommendations, including a rank-ordered list of alternates, to the Director of Human Resources no later than December 1. The chair will provide the Director of Human Resources with copies of all committee meeting minutes, memos to the Committee or to the chair from committee members, and any other documents produced by the Committee or its members which carry significance in the selection process.
  5. The Committee will rank order the applicants to the degree with which they meet the following criteria:
    1. Meritorious service to the College as evidenced by:
      1. excellence in performing primary duties and responsibilities.
      2. participation in college committees and organizations.
      3. contributions to the profession.
      4. involvement with area educational institutions and other agencies.
      5. publications and/or creative or technical works.
      6. participation in community activities.
    2. Anticipated benefit to the College, community, and profession.
    3. A minimum of five years of full-time service at the College as of the starting date of the requested leave. An employee may be granted sabbatical leave only once during a 5-year period.
  6. The Chairman of the Sabbatical Leave Committee will forward the committee's recommendation to the Director of Human Resources. The Director of Human Resources will present the Committee's recommendation and related costs to the Executive Team. The Executive Team will prepare its recommendations to the President. Applicants not being recommended for sabbaticals will be notified, in writing, of the reasons, with a copy to the appropriate vice president, and will be given an opportunity to appeal to the Executive Team by the last workday in January.
  7. By February 1, the Executive Team will present to the President its recommendations for sabbatical leave for the following fiscal year. The recommendations may include the rank-ordered list of alternates, if there are inadequate funds to support all qualified requests.
  8. The President may accept the recommendations, request additional information, or deny them on an individual basis. Reasons for denial will be provided to the vice president of the employee, who will communicate the information in writing to the applicant.
  9. The President will submit his/her recommendations for sabbatical leave, as well as alternates, to the Board for action at the regularly scheduled meeting in March.
  10. Following the board meeting, the Director of Human Resources will notify each applicant of the action taken by the Board with a copy to the appropriate vice president and supervisor.
  11. The Director of Human Resources, working with the appropriate vice president, will provide the Vice President for Administrative Services a statement of the personnel-related budget adjustments required for the following fiscal year. This statement will be submitted by the end of March.
  12. If an individual withdraws an approved sabbatical leave request, the Executive Team may recommend that the President approve an alternate. Notification of such approval will follow the process outlined in paragraph 10 above.
  13. Within six weeks following the end of a sabbatical, the recipient must submit to the Director of Human Resources a written report evaluating the project and be prepared to make a presentation to his colleagues and the Board regarding the sabbatical and its results. A copy of the written report will be posted on the SCC website.
  14. Upon returning from sabbatical leave, the recipient will remain with Seminole State College for a period of two years. Should the recipient fail to do this, he will reimburse the College for the full amount of the grant. The College reserves the right of non-enforcement of this provision.
Recommended byExecutive StaffDate7/20/06
Approved:President, E.Ann McGeeDate8/21/06