Sick Leave and Personal Sick Leave (Procedure 2.2000)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
1001.64; 1012.865 F.S.; 6A-14.0262; .0247; SCC Policy 2.1106/99; Rev. 6/03

To define the procedures for sick leave and personal sick leave.

  1. Sick Leave in Hours - Sick leave will be recorded in hours to the nearest quarter hour. One day of sick leave is equivalent to 7.5 hours.
  2. Sick Leave Earned - Full-time employees shall earn 7.5 hours of sick leave with compensation for each calendar month in which the sum of their time as categorized below, is at least 82.5 hours (11 days multiplied by 7.5 hours) within the calendar month. The hours to be counted in determining whether sick leave will be earned are the hours that the employee is on:
    1. duty
    2. College-designated paid non-duty days (e.g. spring break)
    3. paid holidays (e.g. Thanksgiving Day)
    4. approved paid leave (excluding professional leave)
  3. There is no limit to the number of sick leave hours that an employee may accumulate.
  4. Personal Sick Leave - Each year (academic year for instructional personnel issued contracts which are less than 12 months in length), employees may use a maximum of thirty hours of sick leave for personal reasons. Applications for this leave should be completed and approved prior to the beginning date of the leave. Paid personal leave is deducted from sick leave balances and is noncumulative.
  5. The Transferring-In of Sick Leave - Accumulated sick leave may be transferred from another Florida community college, the Florida Department of Education, the State University System, a Florida district school board, or a Florida state agency, provided that at least one-half of the sick leave accumulated at any time must have been established at Seminole State College.
  6. Usage of Sick Leave -
    1. Definition -Sick leave may be used when a full-time employee is unable to perform his/her duty at the College due to personal sickness, accident, disability, or extended personal illness, or because of illness or death of father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, child, other close relative, or member of his/her own household, and consequently has to be absent from duty. The employee may also use sick leave to care for the employee's child after birth, or placement for adoption or foster care.
    2. Notification - The employee shall notify his/her supervisor, if possible before the opening of college on the day they must be absent or if that is not feasible, as soon as practicable during the day, except when the employee is absent for emergency reasons. Failure to notify the supervisor may result in disciplinary action.
      An employee shall complete a Leave of Absence form and submit it to his/her supervisor when it is expected that the employee will be absent from work for more than 37.5 consecutive hours. To ensure the orderly and continued operation of the College, the Leave of Absence form should be submitted before the commencement of the leave when practicable, but no later than once the leave used has exceeded the 37.5th consecutive hour.
    3. Leave of Absence Form - Employees must complete this form upon returning to work if there is a correction to a previously submitted form or if the employee has not returned to work, this form must be submitted to his/her supervisor by the last duty day of the month for that month's absences.
    4. Verification by Health Care Provider
      Employees who are absent from work for more that 37.5 consecutive hours must submit a physician's certificate for verification of the illness to the Human Resource Office upon returning to duty.
      Employees who are absent from work for more than 22.5 consecutive hours may be required to submit a health care provider's verification of the illness to the Human Resource Office upon returning to duty. An employee's supervisor may request such verification after discussing the reasons for the request with the Director of Human Resources or the director's designee.
  7. New Employee's Unable to Report to Duty - A new employee who, at the commencement of their employment is unable to report to duty to illness must notify his/her supervisor within 48 hours of his/her appointment date. Failure to do so may result in the offer of employment being withdrawn and the position to be considered vacant.
  8. Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA) - Employees who need to use sick leave may qualify for Family Medical and Leave Act leave. Please refer to Board Procedure 2.2200 entitled, "Family Medical and Leave Act leave".
Recommended byExecutive StaffDate6/3/03
Approved:President, E.Ann McGeeDate7/9/03