Adjunct Teaching Faculty Evaluation (Procedure 2.1502)

Authority:F.S. 1001.64; 1012.855; 1012.81
Date Adopted:11/2001
Date of Review:05/2014; 11/2022
Related Policy:1.010; 1.020


The Adjunct Teaching Faculty evaluation process is intended to provide feedback to non-bargaining unit adjunct faculty about their work performance and improve the teaching/learning environment. 


"Adjunct Teaching Faculty” are part-time instructional personnel employed by the college who teach non-college credit courses and are not governed by a collective bargaining agreement.   

“First year of employment” begins on the adjunct’s department entry date and ends on the adjunct’s one (1) year anniversary of that date as long as the adjunct has taught for at least one term during that time period.  In some instances, the department entry date will be after the original hire date, such as the case when the adjunct transfers from one department to another. 

“One (1) year of satisfactory evaluation” time period begins on the adjuncts department entry date for the first one-year evaluation period.  Subsequent evaluation period begins on the date the last evaluation form was completed and continues as noted in paragraph 2 below. 

“Satisfactory evaluation” means that the adjunct’s overall evaluation score is rated as “satisfactory” or better and the adjunct has not been subject to any disciplinary action (reprimand, verbal or written warning, suspension, etc.) during the evaluation period. 


  1. Adjunct Teaching Faculty (instructor of record) teaching courses totaling at least 45 contact hours in a term will be evaluated during their first year of employment. 
  2. Adjunct Teaching Faculty with a record of one (1) year of satisfactory evaluation will be evaluated on a three (3) year cycle, based on the date the last evaluation form was completed. Supervisors may, however, evaluate an adjunct faculty member more frequently as deemed necessary. 
    1. Deans will track which adjunct faculty are to be evaluated each year and assure that the evaluation is completed and the proper forms are submitted to Human Resources. 
  3. The evaluation of Adjunct Teaching Faculty, at a minimum, will include: 
    1. a review of course syllabi for all courses taught; 
    2. a classroom observation;
    3. a review of student perception of instruction forms; and 
    4. completion of the Adjunct Teaching Faculty Evaluation Form. 
  4. Student Perception of Instruction Forms will be completed every term by students in every section taught by adjunct faculty. These surveys will be tabulated by Institutional Research and compiled in a summary report. The adjunct faculty member and their supervisor will receive the student comments collected with the student perception forms and the summary report after the completions of the term. 
  5. During the term that an adjunct faculty member is to be evaluated, the supervisor (or designee) will observe a class session and complete the Adjunct Teaching Faculty Observation Form.  
  6. The supervisor will then review the course syllabi, the Adjunct Teaching Faculty Observation Form, Student Perception of Instruction Form results and student success data for all courses taught by the adjunct faculty member and to complete the Adjunct Teaching Faculty Evaluation Form. 
  7. The supervisor will give the observation form and the Adjunct Teaching Faculty Evaluation Form to the adjunct faculty member. The adjunct faculty member will sign the Adjunct Teaching Faculty Evaluation Form, write comments if desired, and return it to the supervisor. The supervisor will send the Adjunct Teaching Faculty Evaluation Form to the Human Resources Offices for filing in the adjunct faculty member’s personnel file. 
  8. In the case that specialized accreditation requires more specific types of faculty evaluation, these may be used in lieu of College documents as long as satisfactory performance can be determined by reviewing the form.  
Recommended by:Executive Team/CACDate11/15/2022
Signed by:President, Georgia L. LorenzDate11/28/2022