Teaching Faculty Evaluation (Procedure 2.1500)



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2.070; Procedure 2.0550


The Teaching Faculty evaluation process is intended to provide feedback to Teaching Faculty about their work performance, improve the teaching/learning environment and encourage and support professional development as well as to promote personal reflection, planning, and experimentation on the part of each faculty member. It also provides a positive environment and collegial context for review of teaching purposes, strategies, and materials.


  1. Per College Procedure 2.0550, Faculty who are employed in temporary, non-continuing contract earning, full-time instructional positions per state board rule at Seminole State College are designated as “Teaching Faculty.” This designation includes instructional faculty only.
  2.  Teaching Faculty positions are temporary and not eligible to earn continuing contract status.


  1. Each Teaching faculty member will complete the Goals section of the Faculty Goals and Accomplishments form and deliver it to the department Dean within 30 days of the start of their teaching contract.
  2. The department Dean will meet with the faculty member to discuss the goals no later than three weeks after having received the Teaching Faculty member’s goal statement. A signed copy of the goals will be kept in the department office until the accomplishments meeting. The goals may be modified during the year with the approval of the department Dean.
  3. Student Perception of Instruction (SPOI) will be completed every term by students in every section taught by the Teaching Faculty member. 
    1. SPOI will be completed online or in the most efficient manner for that department. Safeguards will be in place to ensure that such surveys shall be anonymous, no students shall generate more than one survey per class, every student who completes the section is permitted to complete a survey, and no student who has withdrawn from a section shall complete a survey for that section.
  4. The College will generate a summary report of all SPOI responses and student written comments for each section for each Teaching Faculty member for use in institutional effectiveness and determining trends. This summary will be included as a component of the faculty member’s performance evaluation.
  5. SPOI are intended to provide constructive feedback to faculty members to aid in personal and professional improvement. Student comments shall not be utilized as a disciplinary tool or for disciplinary purposes but may be used to initiate further investigation and the findings of the investigation may be used in the performance evaluation. 
  6. Each Teaching Faculty member shall be observed once per academic year. The teaching observations shall be reported on the Faculty Observation form and will be conducted by the supervisor (or designee), The class observation can occur at any time, but should ideally take place during a class session where active learning and student participation is expected.
    1. For Teaching Faculty members teaching distance learning courses, the Dean (or designee) will access the online course for observation purposes.
  7. No later than 4 weeks prior to the faculty member’s last duty day for the academic year, each Teaching Faculty member will complete the Accomplishments section of the Faculty Goals and Accomplishment form and submit it to the department Dean.
  8. The department Dean will, at a minimum, review the faculty member’s course syllabi, the Student Perception of Instruction summaries, the class observation summary, student success data from the faculty member’s classes, and the Faculty Goals and Accomplishments form, and then complete the Overall evaluation form.
  9. No later than 4 weeks prior to the faculty member’s last duty day for the academic year, the department Dean will meet with each Teaching Faculty member to discuss the overall evaluation.
  10. The faculty member may add written comments to the evaluation form and will sign the form to verify the discussion.
  11. After the evaluation meeting, or at the culmination of four weeks after the Teaching Faculty member’s last duty day, the Dean will forward the overall evaluation document to the appropriate Associate Vice President (AVP) for review and signature.
  12. Within 1 week of receipt, the AVP will forward the overall evaluation to the Vice President for Academic Affairs
  13. The Vice President, for Academic Affairs will review the overall evaluation and forward it to Human Resources where it will be filed as a confidential part of the Teaching Faculty member's official personnel record no later than 6 weeks after the Teaching Faculty members last contracted duty day.
Recommended by:Executive Team/CACDate01/24/2023
Signed by:President, Georgia L. LorenzDate01/25/2023