Electronic Time Reporting for Part-time Non-instructional Staff (Procedure 2.1320)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statutes: F.S. 1001.64; 1001.65; FAC 6A-14.0261; College Policy 2.001
Effective Date: 02/2016
Date of Review: ---


The purpose of this procedure is to describe the methods for electronic time reporting for part-time non-instructional hourly (non-exempt) employees, including student aides and federal work-study student employees, for reporting hours worked using WebClock, the electronic timekeeping system for Seminole State College. This procedure is to ensure part-time non-instructional employees hours are approved and paid accurately and timely in accordance with applicable laws, and to maintain required supporting time documents and records. Central oversight of the system is maintained by Payroll Services.


  1. Employee Documentation of Hours Worked
    1. Hours worked must be recorded with each punch in/out on a daily basis by the employee using the WebClock timekeeping system.
      1. Employees are required to clock in and out using a College network computer. Employees who have received prior approval from their division vice president and Human Resources will be allowed to clock in and out from home or at an off-site location.
      2. Employees are required to clock in at their designated scheduled start time and clock out at their designated scheduled stop time.
      3. Clock-in and clock-out times are rounded to the nearest quarter hour based on a 7.5 minute rule. For example, an employee who clocks in at 7:53 am and an employee who clocks in at 8:07 am are both considered clocked in at 8:00 am in the system. An employee who clocks in at 7:52 am is considered clocked in at 7:45 am. An employee who clocks in at 8:08 am is considered clocked in at 8:15 am.
      4. Employees who have more than one position are responsible for selecting the correct position number/hourly rate when clocking in and out.
      5. Employees are required to clock out for a 30 minute unpaid meal break during any shift working 6 hours or more. The employee must not perform work during this unpaid meal break. They must be relieved from duty and be away from their work area during this time.
      6. The College recommends that employees receive a 15 minute rest break for any shift over 4 hours. Employees are not required to clock out for rest breaks as they count as hours worked. Rest breaks may not be accumulated.
      7. Employees who travel from one campus to another campus as a component of their principal activity are to be compensated for this time.
    2. Employees are responsible for verifying that their hours recorded in the system are correct for each pay period. Employees can review hours worked at any time using the Time Card Report found on the My.SeminoleState portal. 
    3. Employees must notify their supervisor immediately of any adjustments to time, such as a missed punch, using the Timekeeping Update Form. Supervisors must approve this time edit, explain why the manual adjustment is needed, and submit to the budget manager for approval. This form is then to be routed to the department timekeeper. The timekeeper will enter the employee’s missed punch times. A copy of this form, which requires a correction to the employees punch time, is to be forwarded to Payroll Services to update. All original Timekeeping Update Forms are to be retained in each department.
    4. Timekeepers are required to review employees’ time and exceptions on a regular basis and notify the supervisors of exceptions, such as missed punches, when employees have not submitted a Timekeeping Update Form.
    5. In rare cases when hours are not processed for payment (e.g., retroactive hours, corrections), a department timekeeper may need to enter these hours manually into Time and Labor using the PeopleSoft Timesheet page.
    6. Budget managers may delegate approval responsibilities to supervisors for Timekeeping Update Forms. However, the budget manager remains fully accountable. Budget managers who wish to authorize supervisors to approve this form are to submit an email to Payroll Services.
  2. Approval of Hours Worked
    1. All approved hours in the WebClock timekeeping system are interfaced into the Payroll system in accordance with the payroll processing schedule for the applicable pay period.
    2. Budget managers must designate a backup approver when they are unavailable to approve employees’ hours in the WebClock timekeeping system on the scheduled approval date. The budget manager must submit a written request to Payroll Services authorizing security setup for their backup approver who will approve employee hours during their absence.
    3. The department budget manager or their authorized backup approver must approve employees’ hours on the scheduled approval dates.
    4. Supervisors, who are not budget managers or an authorized backup approver, must review their employees’ hours and inform their department budget manager or authorized backup approver that employee hours are accurate and ready to be approved each pay period.
      1. Supervisors should encourage employees to review hours worked on a weekly basis and at the end of each pay period.
      2. Supervisors should review their employees’ hours each week.
    5. At the end of each pay period, the department budget manager or their authorized backup approver must review the hours recorded for the pay period for each employee and electronically approve each employees’ hours for payment. All employee exceptions, such as a missed punch, must be corrected prior to approval.
  3. Failure to Accurately Record Hours
    1. It is each employee’s responsibility to learn the WebClock timekeeping system and use it appropriately. In accordance with College Procedure 2.1900 Employee Discipline, disciplinary action may occur for the following events:
      1. Clocking in and/or out for other employees.
      2. Not clocking in and/or out at the College designated work area using a college network computer without prior approval from their division vice president and Human Resources.
      3. Continually failing to clock in and/or out.
      4. Incorrectly reporting time worked.

For detailed instructions on how to record time, adjust time and/or approve time, etc., please see the Payroll Services website.

Recommended By Executive Team Date 02/16/2016
Approved President, E. Ann McGee Date 02/23/2016