Critical Need Positions: Faculty (Procedure 2.1300)


Based on Board Policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
1001.64 F.S.; SCC Policy 2.1307/09


To describe the procedure for identification, designation, and compensation of a Critical Need Position: Faculty in a specific discipline.


  1. Process
    1. The Department Head and the Dean will submit to the Vice President of Educational Programs sufficient documentation, as described in the following section, and a written request for a Critical Need designation. Upon approval by the Vice President, the request and supporting documentation will be sent to the Director of Human Resources for review. The Director of Human Resources will either recommend to the President approval of a Critical Need designation, or will not recommend approval and then will explain the reasons to the Vice President and/or Dean.
    2. If the request is not recommended for approval by the Director of Human Resources or is not approved by the President, the Department Head/Dean/Vice President may submit the request one more time within 12 months of the original request date if additional supporting information becomes available. Additional requests to review the same position will not be accepted until 12 months after the most recent request date.
    3. The Critical Need designation for each position will remain in effect for a one-year contract period (academic or fiscal year as applicable.) Annually, Human Resources will review currently designated Critical Needs positions and will recommend to the President whether or not the designation should be continued for the next academic/fiscal year.
  2. Designation
    1. Data from both internal and external sources will inform decisions regarding identification and designation of Critical Need positions. Examples of the types of data to be collected may include but are not limited to the following:
      1. Internal Data
        1. Current and projected discipline enrollment in the specific discipline.
        2. The number of regular full-time, temporary full-time, and part-time faculty currently employed in the discipline.
        3. Projected resignations and retirements of faculty within the discipline.
        4. Results and recommendations from relevant Program Reviews.
        5. Strategic direction and priorities of the College.
      2. External Data
        1. Current and projected occupational demand in Central Florida.
        2. Current and projected employment demand for discipline expertise.
        3. Recruitment results and applicant data; for example: the number of times the position has been posted; the number of applicants who were selected for interview; the number of offers extended compared to the number of offers accepted.
        4. External starting salary data for the position under review or for other positions that require similar credentials.
  3. Compensation
    1. The amount of compensation that results from the "Critical Need" designation for a faculty position is calculated by multiplying the "level value" of the faculty member's salary range times four(4.) A "level value" is equal to the difference between two (2) base salary amounts, as published in the annual Salary Schedule approved by the District Board of Trustees.
    2. Critical Need compensation is a component of the faculty member's annual base salary for the purpose of calculating compensation for each annual contract. There is no expectation or obligation to continue Critical Need compensation after the annual contract ending date except as described in the phase out provision below.
    3. When it is determined that a position is no longer "critical", the faculty member's Critical Need compensation will be phased out as follows:
      1. Year One - Critical Need compensation will be equal to one half (1/2) of the Critical Need amount as calculated in paragraph 3.A.
      2. Year Two - Beginning in year two and continuing thereafter, no amount of Critical Need compensation will be paid to the faculty member.
    4. If a position is identified, again, as a Faculty Critical Need Position after the designation has been removed, Critical Need compensation will be calculated according to the provisions in section 3 of this procedure.
  4. Tenured and tenure-track faculty who were hired prior to January 2, 2009, into a regular, full-time Critical Need position; began receiving Critical Need compensation prior to that date; and have continuously been paid Critical Need compensation, will be "grandfathered". These faculty members will continue to be paid a Critical Need supplement at the previously established rate. Total compensation for grandfathered Critical Need faculty will not exceed the range maximum plus the amount of the Critical Need supplement.
  5. The President may make exceptions to the guidelines in this procedure on a case-by-case basis.
Recommended byExecutive StaffDate7/09
Approved:President, E.Ann McGeeDate8/09