Overloads (Procedure 2.0701)


Based on board policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
1012.82 F.S.; SCC Policy 2.15012/04


To better accomplish the instructional goals of the college and to meet student demand for courses, faculty and staff may be permitted to teach courses above the normal workload. This procedure outlines the conditions and process for such assignments.


Definition: An overload is defined to be any class load that is assigned in addition to the regular class load for and instructor. Regular class loads may vary by divisions.


  1. Overload hours are in addition to the 37.5 hour work week.
  2. A chair or director may recommend a faculty member to teach ninety student contact hours of overload in each of the three major terms. In addition, a faculty member may work with students in Cooperative Education (2949) or Directed Individual Studies (2905). The chair or director is responsible for checking the faculty member's teaching assignments in other departments before recommending an overload.
  3. The chair or director shall include any approved release time when determining the full-time load for the purpose of calculating overloads for full-time faculty.
  4. College employees whose normal work assignment is other than teaching may be assigned to teach courses as an overload at a time other than their normal duty day. The chair or director recommending the assignment should be sure that the employee has the approval of his or her supervisor.
  5. Whenever possible, the dean will approve overload requests prior to the start of the development of the class schedule.
  6. All overloads will be reported by the department chair or director on the preliminary load sheet for each term. The chair or director will insure that all overloads are for contact hours above the assigned full-time load.
  7. Once the preliminary load sheet has been reviewed by the chair or director, in consultation with the faculty member, the official load sheets will be distributed for signatures.
  8. The dean shall approve for overload pay only those student contact hours that are shown on the official load sheet for the instructor. All overloads shall be paid at the appropriate part-time salary schedule rates.
  9. Overload exceeding 90 course contact hours exclusion of COOP and DIS must be approved by the over allowable load procedure.
Recommended byExecutive StaffDate11/04
Approved:President, E.Ann McGeeDate1/7/05