Reduction in Force (Procedure 2.0400)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
F.S.; 1001.64; SCC Rule 2.040April 1, 2002


To set out a procedure for the reduction of personnel when required because of financial exigency or for more efficient operation of the College.


  1. Employee(s) affected by a reduction in force will be determined by the needs of the College. In the determination of which employee(s) will be affected, due consideration will be given to such factors as (1) the essentiality of the position, (2) work performance, (3) attendance record, and (4) supervisory recommendations. If all factors are equal, length of service to the College will be the determining factor.
  2. The affected employee will be given at least two (2) weeks notice prior to the reduction. The employee will receive severance which equals 10% percent of the affected employee's annual base salary plus three (3) months of health and dental coverage for the employee. Affected employees shall have the right to participate in the College Group Health Insurance Program under the provision of COBRA for a total of 18 months from the date of termination.
Recommended byExecutive StaffDate2/26/02
Approved:President, E.Ann McGeeDate4/1/01