Recruitment and Selection of Full-Time Personnel(Procedure 2.0100)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
1001.64; 1012.855 F.S.; 6A-14.0247(6); 6A-14.0262(7) FAC; SCC Rules 1.010; 1.020; 2.020March 1, 1994


To ensure that the College, an equal opportunity employer, employs persons who meet the requirements for positions in compliance with all applicable laws, including those relating to race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin or disability.



The hiring manager is the person who initiates the hiring request and who sees that the various steps are followed.

  1. The hiring manager completes a position advertisement form (SCC form number 108).

    Recruitment efforts shall include:

    Advertising in the College's "Weekly Bulletin," on the Personnel Office bulletin board, the Employment Opportunity Hot-line and the Florida State Community College Position Vacancy Listing, if appropriate.

    The following may also be utilized:

    1. Advertising in the local media, national and professional publications and journals, and through local organizations including minority publications and groups.
    2. Advertising through institutions of higher education whose graduates might have an interest in the position.
    3. Advertising which encourages minorities and persons with disabilities to apply.
  2. Requests to waive advertising must be submitted in writing to the President. Such requests must document special and/or emergency situations justifying a waiver. The President may designate the Dean of Personnel Services to act on such requests.
  3. The hiring manager submits the Position Advertisement form accompanied by a copy of the official position description to the hiring manager's supervisor. The pink copy of the Position Advertisement form will be returned to the hiring manager following approval at all levels.
  4. If the hiring manager's supervisor approves the request, the hiring manager forwards the two documents to the Personnel Office.
  5. The Dean of Personnel Services determines that the Position Advertisement is for an approved, vacant position and is consistent with the official position description.
  6. Personnel Office staff provide the Equity Coordinator with the Position Advertisement form and the official position description, for approval and recommendation for advertising to increase circulation to minorities and persons with disabilities.
  7. Once approved, the documents are returned to the Dean of Personnel Services. The President may designate the Equity Coordinator's responsibility in this matter to the Dean of Personnel Services.
  8. The Dean of Personnel Services ensures that the position is advertised for a minimum of two weeks. The white copy of the Position Advertisement form along with the official position description is filed in the applicant file.
  9. When advertising in the local media has been requested, the Dean of Personnel Services sends the yellow copy of the Position Advertisement form to the Coordinator of Public Information who calls the media for advertising cost figures.
  10. The hiring manager prepares a purchase order to pay for the advertising and provides a copy of this order to the Coordinator of Public Information who places the advertisement(s).
  11. The Coordinator of Public Information sends copies of all local media advertising to the Personnel Office where they are filed in the applicant file.
  12. When advertising in regional or national media is requested, the determination of the cost and the placement of this advertising shall be accomplished by the hiring manager in consultation with the Dean of Personnel Services.
  13. Waiver of minimum experience and/or training requirements may be made only after concerted efforts to solicit qualified applicants have failed.
    1. The Personnel Office staff distribute the application forms (SCC form number 41) to applicants.
    2. Applications will only be accepted by the College for an advertised position vacancy, unless advertising has been waived.
    3. A completed application, resume, or letter of intent must be received in the Personnel Office by the advertised application deadline date except in the case of mailed documents where the postmark must meet the deadline. FAXed documents must also have a transmission date meeting the deadline.
    4. An applicant cannot be interviewed unless a completed SCC application form has been submitted.
    5. The Dean of Personnel Services may extend the application deadline for any position on recommendation of the hiring manager when the hiring manager feels that it would be in the best interest of the College to seek additional applicants.
    6. The applications and supporting documents submitted to the Personnel Office will be filed in the applicant file for the particular position vacancy. The application supplements, which indicate the applicant's ethnic origin, sex, etc..., are filed in a separate file for the position vacancy.
    7. The Personnel Office staff and the Equity Coordinator are the only persons permitted to have access to the applications supplements.
    8. Following the application deadline the hiring manager will review the applications and schedule interviews.
    9. The Screening Committee Procedure (under consideration) must be followed for the hiring of faculty and of administrators who have a salary schedule classification of ED or higher.
    10. The hiring manager and others who are involved in the employment decision may review the applicant file in the Personnel Office or may sign-out applications for review elsewhere. Applications must be returned to the Personnel Office by 4:30 p.m. on the day they were released, unless exception is made by the Dean of Personnel Services.
    11. The hiring manager shall coordinate all background and reference checks with the Dean of Personnel Services. There shall be documentation of at least two references.
    12. Records of reference checks shall be dated, signed and sent in a sealed envelope marked "confidential" to the Dean of Personnel Services.
    13. Access to information resulting from reference and background checks will be on a "Need to Know" basis only and information will be retained in the Limited Access files of the Personnel Office.
    14. The hiring manager shall complete a Recommendation for Employment form (SCC form number 86) and, in the case of teaching faculty, an Approved To Teach form for the applicant recommended to fill the position.
    15. The recommendation must be approved by the hiring manager's supervisor, the appropriate dean and vice-president and the President. The Equity Coordinator signs the recommendation to advise the President that the process has complied with all equity requirements.
    16. The person disapproving a recommendation shall confer with the appropriate supervisor.
    17. The President will send the approved recommendation to the Dean of Personnel Services.
    18. The Personnel Office staff will enter personal and payroll information in the Human Resources Database.
    19. In the case of teaching faculty, the day after the information is entered in the Human Resources Database, the Executive Vice-President office will enter the information from the Approved To Teach form in the IDSS Database. The Approved To Teach form is then sent to the Personnel Office for insertion in the applicant's personnel file.
    20. The Dean of Personnel Services will send written notification to the unsuccessful applicants advising them that another applicant has been recommended for the position. The hiring manager may make verbal notifications.
    21. The Dean of Personnel Services will prepare a summary of the final personnel recommendations each month and present them to the District Board of Trustees for approval. The President may authorize appointments pending approval by the Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting. An applicant is not regularly employed until the Board has given its approval.
    22. The Dean of Personnel Services sends written notification to each successful applicant after the Board decision.


Recommended byPresident CouncilDate2/28/94
Approved:President, Earl S. WeldonDate3/2/94