Access to Information Technology and Reassignment (Procedure 7.0100)

Access to Information Technology and Reassignment (Procedure 7.0100)

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Authority:F.S. 1001.64; 1001.65; F.A.C. 6A-14.0261; F.A.C. 6A-14.092 Textbook Affordability; Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008
Date Adopted:01/13; 02/18
Date of Review:12/17
Related Policy:7.010; 7.020


To define and outline the procedure for the timely activation of access to the College's information technology systems as it relates to new faculty and staff and those whose work assignment has changed.


Refer to College Procedure 7.0001 Information Technology and Resources – Glossary of Terms for definitions of terms used throughout this procedure.


  1. User Access
    All Seminole State College employees, at the date of hire, will be provided a UserID and password with basic employee security to view his/her self-service benefits and payroll information. Professors and adjunct instructors will be provided instructor security 60 days prior to the beginning of the term the instructor is scheduled to teach.

    A password is private information and each User is responsible for safeguarding his/her own password. Passwords to restricted data must not be shared and it is against College Policy and Procedure to use another's Users account.  Failure to conform to these restrictions may lead to suspension of UserID or other action as provided by the College’s disciplinary action procedure.

    The functional requirements listed in each job description will provide the basis for determining the type of access and the level of security needed by the employee holding that position. Before access to student records is granted, employees must complete an online FERPA Skillsoft module and satisfactorily pass the exam (see Procedure 7.0500 Data Classification, Security and Roles). Professors and adjunct instructors will be required to complete the exam within two weeks after the start of the semester they are scheduled to teach to maintain records access.

    Security approval and access to any college sensitive data will require a completed and properly approved online User Access Request Form. Note that if the User requires access to payroll administration, schedule building, or the financials system, the User must attend mandatory training.

    Steps to Gain Access to the College’s Information Technology Systems
    1. The hiring department completes all sections of the online User Access Request form for the employee.
    2. A supervisor from the hiring department approves the form and forwards it to the CTS Security Administrator for processing.
    3. The Security Administrator sets the User up with the requested access after the FERPA exam has been satisfactorily passed. (see Procedure 7.0500 Data Classification, Security, and Roles).
    4. The Security Administrator will send the User Access Request to Network for email and network setup. A notification will be sent to the User and the hiring department when access has been established.
  2. Reassignment and Notification
    If a User’s status, job responsibilities, or other related situation changes, the User’s Supervisor must notify the Office of Human Resources as well as CTS, using the appropriate process or form. Such changes may include a change in department, position, supervisor, functional requirements, modifications in the User’s access needs, or even a name change. Such notification should be sent prior to the effective date of the change.

    Notification to CTS
    The User/Supervisor should complete a new User Access Request Form and follow the steps listed in Section A above to notify CTS and explain the changes needed in the User’s security access.

    Within two (2) business days of receiving notice of job assignment change, CTS will review the computer access accounts and take appropriate action which may include removing or reassigning User access; notifying department managers and supervisors; and notifying system functional analysts. CTS will maintain records showing the timely reassignment of employee and Contingent Worker/Person of Interest access to information technology systems.
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