Program Closing or Conversion (Procedure 4.0800)

Authority:1001.64 F.S.; 6A-14.0261. 0262 FAC
Date Adopted:04/01
Date of Review:4/19
Related Policy:4.020


To specify approved ways for students in a program being closed or being converted from vocational credit to college credit to complete the program or to change to another major or to have vocational credits apply toward the college credit program replacing it.


  1. When a college credit or vocational program is closing, provisions will be made for students at least halfway through the program to complete it within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed twice the total program length for full-time students.
    1. "Halfway through the program" shall include pre-requisites and specified general education courses in addition to required and elective courses that are part of the official program list for the catalog year in effect when the student entered the college.
  1. Students who have not completed half of the program, using the definition above, will change their major with assistance from the Program Manager or Dean and the Academic Advising and Counseling staff. Courses from the closing program will be evaluated for transference into the new major or program through the regular Course Substitution procedure (Procedure 4.0400).
  2. When a vocational program converts to a college credit program, the following procedure will apply to students who are enrolled in the program during the academic year of the conversion and who have maintained continuous enrollment in the program. 
    1. A committee consisting of the Program Manager, Dean, Associate Vice President and the Director Curriculum, Credentialing and Academic Scheduling will evaluate the course description, objectives and student competencies of the vocational courses against the descriptions, objectives, and competencies of the college credit courses. When there is a match of at least 80%, college credit will be awarded for vocational courses already completed. When the match does not reach 80%, students will be encouraged to undertake Credit by Exam, and the Credit by Exam fee shall be waived. The Director Curriculum, Credentialing and Academic Scheduling will produce a list of vocational courses that meet the 80% criteria and that will be converted to college credit.
    2. A special testing session for the PERT will be arranged by the Director of Assessment and Testing for those students in the vocational program who do not have scores for an approved entry level test for college credit programs (SAT, ACT or PERT) and are classified as “Non-Exempt’ by State Board Rule 6A-10.0315.
Recommended by:Executive Team/CACDate4/16/2019
Signed by:Dr. Georgia L. LorenzDate4/18/2019