Course Substitutions (Procedure 4.0400)

Authority:F.S. 1001.64; 1007.25,.263,.264; 1008.30
Date Adopted:08/31/2000
Date of Review:03/02; 05/09; 08/11; 03/12; 04/19; 4/21
Related Policy:4.020


The purpose of this procedure is to designate a process for course substitution for all programs granting degrees or certifications. Course substitution is the process by which courses completed by students may be used to satisfy program requirements for graduation in lieu of courses specified in the program governing their graduation or the process by which credits completed by students may be used to satisfy a course credit hour deficit in program requirements based on changes in credit hours or course credit hour differences in transfer institutions.


  1. A student desiring to substitute a course must meet with their Assigned Advisor, Career Program Advisor or Baccalaureate Specialist to fill out a course substitution form.
  2. The Advisor will attach a degree audit, confirm transfer credit is posted (if necessary) and any other supporting documentation and submit the course substitution form to the appropriate Dean or Program Manager/Director to determine if the course substitution is appropriate. 
  3. If deemed appropriate, the Program Manager/Director will sign the course substitution form and submit it to the appropriate Dean(s) for approval.
  4. The Dean(s) will review the request and, if deemed appropriate, sign the course substitution form and submit it to the appropriate Associate Vice President(s) for approval.
  5. The Associate Vice President(s) will review the request, and if deemed appropriate will submit the course substitution form to the Curriculum office for approval.
  6. The Director, Curriculum will review the submission and confirm appropriate placement in the student’s program of study and requirement term and submit the form to the Enrollment Services Office for processing and recording with the student’s academic record.
  7. The Office of Enrollment Services will notify the assigned advisor of completion of the course substitution request by email and the advisor will notify the student using their College email account.
  8. If the course has not already been completed, the student must complete the course within the next two terms from the term which the substitution was approved.
  9. Deans and Program Managers, have the authority to determine if a substitution is valid only for courses within their discipline. All requests must be approved by the appropriate Academic Associate Vice President(s).
  10. The Office of Enrollment Services will process the course substitution based on Academic Affairs approvals.
Recommended by:Executive Team/CACDate4/20/2021
Signed by:President Georgia LorenzDate5/4/2021